Cornell Veterinary Podcast: Using diet to defend against disease

"There are a lot of conditions that we can control with diet… where we can modify the nutrients that are in a diet to improve disease outcomes – probably not cure diseases – but at least manage them."

Dr. John Loftus, assistant professor of small animal medicine, joins host Michelle Moyal D.V.M. ’07, in the latest episode of the Cornell Veterinary Podcast to discuss his clinical research around nutrition and immunology. The conversation ranges from how sled dogs are a good population to study canine aging, to how owners can navigate the complex world of pet nutrition and its surrounding hype.

Tune in to learn more about how Loftus helps cats with hyperthyroidism, whether fresh food is better than kibble, and why it can be a good thing when the data support your hypothesis.

Listen to the full conversation in the latest episode of the podcast, "Using Diet to Defend Against Disease," wherever you get your podcasts or below: