Cornell Veterinary Podcast: Critical care on the cutting edge

“I was in the place where I could learn to make that difference... I could save lives and really get to solving that problem and solving the puzzle that is veterinary medicine on a daily basis.”

For this month’s episode of the Cornell Veterinary Podcast, Dr. Jethro Forbes, assistant clinical professor in the Section of Emergency and Critical Care, shares with host Michelle Moyal, D.V.M. ’07, how he fell in love with veterinary emergency medicine, and how he’s pushing the boundaries of critical care at Cornell with new technologies.

Hear how Forbes wound his way to veterinary medicine from a previous career working in human health services, and how since then, he’s explored advanced modalities that result in dramatic improvements in his critically ill patients.

Listen to the full conversation in the latest episode of the podcast, "Critical Care on the Cutting Edge," wherever you get your podcasts or below: