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Equine Carpus Blended Learning Modules

Active Learning, Animation, Illustration, Interactive, Learning Module, Software
Dr. Allison Miller with Students using AR app on ipads

Veterinary students often struggle to understand the musculoskeletal system. The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Allison Miller specifically identified the equine carpus as one of the more difficult spaces to learn. Therefore, Dr. Miller and the ESS team worked together to provide students with an interactive experience to teach the basics of the bony anatomy, soft tissues, and radiography of the carpus. In this series, students watch videos, view pictures and radiographs, perform virtual diagnostic tests for two real-world cases, and explore a 3D carpus representation to build a conceptual map of the region. The modules culminate in an augmented reality application to allow students to practice a notoriously difficult concept: visualizing and virtually capturing five different radiographic views of the equine carpus.

Project Support:

This project was made possible by an Educational Technology Innovation Grant (2017 cohort) from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Allison Miller