Flipping the Clinical Skills Labs

Illustration, Learning Module, Video
diagram on connell suture pattern

Technical clinical skills are fundamental competencies for veterinarians. While curriculum at the College of Veterinary Medicine provides laboratory time to introduce core clinical skills, much of that in-person time is spent demonstrating. Therefore, ESS developed a series of self-guided flipped learning modules to provide students with more opportunities for hands-on practice and formative feedback. The modules use a combination of detailed instructional videos, medical illustrations, and online quizzes to cover a variety of skills, including basic suture patterns, instrument handling, and knot tying. With the modules in place, labs were then redesigned to better utilize student in-person lab time and increase feedback on proficiency.

Project Support:

This project was made possible by an Educational Technology and Innovation Grant (2018 cohort) from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Carolyn McDaniel
Patti Kirch, LVT
Dr. Dan Fletcher