Kidney Structure, Function, Dysfunction and Treatment

Illustration, Interactive, Learning Module, Software
kidney detail illustration

Kidney anatomy is a difficult subject for veterinary students to visualize and understand. In this series of modules created by ESS to complement Foundation Course III, students learn the scope of kidney anatomy, from the gross anatomical structures down to the microscopic features. Each module consists of interactive activities such as drag and drop, labeling, and assembling of relevant structures. Students toggle between these activities and the big picture, following the path of blood through the kidney and resulting in urine production. In addition to the modules built by ESS, CVM’s Dr. Kelly Lyboldt developed two case studies to capstone the project, enhancing its clinical relevance. Students work through the case studies using the knowledge of functional anatomy acquired through the online modules.

Project Support:
This project was made possible by an Educational Technology Innovation Grant (2017 cohort) from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Kelly Lyboldt