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slide open in slide viewer with annotation

Tasked with creating an easier way for students and faculty to view, share, and annotate biological slides, ESS developed a custom-built web application called OpenSlide. OpenSlide is available to all CVM students and faculty and can be used in place of Aperio SlideViewer, which is slower, requires software to download, and only allows for individual slides to be loaded onto computers. In contrast, OpenSlide works on any browser, tablet, or smartphone, is compatible with slower connections, and can accommodate multiple slides at a time. Instructors can organize collections of slides for a course, bookmarking interesting features and allowing quick access to a particular magnification and location on a slide. Students can also start and organize their own collections and bookmarks. Learn more about using OpenSlide.

Access OpenSlide

Project Support:

This project was made possible by an Educational Technology Innovation Grant (2018 cohort) from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Rod Getchell