Purrfect Weight FAQ


Thank you for your interest in Cornell Feline Health Center Purrfect Weight, a unique iOS app that allows cat owners to generate and track the progress of a feeding plan designed to safely promote weight loss in overweight cats using proprietary foods of their choice. Your interest in this app is an indication of your dedication to the health of a beloved feline friend, and we welcome and congratulate you for your kind concern for your pet.

As with any app, users may occasionally encounter technical problems with its use, and we are constantly striving to improve your Purrfect Weight experience by addressing any reported problems and taking user suggestions for improvements seriously.

Please review the FAQs provided below as the first step in addressing any problems that you may be experiencing with Purrfect Weight. If the answers to the FAQs provided do not address your problem, please contact our technical support team at purrfectsupport@cornell.edu for more in depth assistance.

We look forward to helping you help your cat by making Purrfect Weight the best it can possibly be, and on behalf of all of us here at the Cornell Feline Health Center, thank you sincerely for sharing our goal of a better world for all cats.

General FAQ

What is Purrfect Weight?

Purrfect Weight is a unique iOS app that allows cat owners to generate and track the progress of a feeding plan designed to safely promote weight loss in overweight cats using proprietary foods of their choice.

Who can use Purrfect Weight?

Purrfect Weight was created for all cat owners seeking to promote safe, healthy weight loss in their overweight cats.

Where can I find Purrfect Weight?

Purrfect Weight is available for download on your iOS mobile device in the App Store

Is my device compatible with the Purrfect Weight app?

If you are using an iOS device, yes. 
We are working on an Android OS version

Will Purrfect Weight work on my iPad?

Yes. The screen will remain sized for a mobile phone, however. The entire screen is not filled with the app.

How do I install the Purrfect Weight App?

On your iOS device, open the App Store app and search for 'Purrfect Weight'. In the results, touch the grey, 'GET' button to begin downloading Purrfect Weight onto your device. Upon download completion, return to your home screen and begin by touching the app to open. 

Using Purrfect Weight FAQ

How do I sign into the Purrfect Weight app?

Purrfect Weight uses Google or Facebook for Authentication.

  1. Tap continue at the initial iOS pop-up, after
    choosing your authentication method
  2. Enter applicable login information when

How do I add a Cat?

  1. To begin adding a cat, choose either the ‘+’ sign in the upper left corner or the large Add A Cat button with a cat icon above it .
  2. Enter as much cat information as possible

Photo (optional)

Date of Birth

Breed – autocomplete choices and free text

Weight – based on standard/metric in Settings

Neutered/Spayed (toggle)

Male/Female (button choice)

          ‘Continue’ to next screen

  1. Select a BCS for [Name] screen

                                  Choose BCS based on ‘Individual’ or ‘Superimposed’ visual choices

  1. Tips for Success screen – tap ‘Got it!’ after reading
  2. Exercise screen – tap ‘Will do!’’ after reading
  3. Measurement screen – tap ‘Generate Plan’ after reading
  4. Plan Overview for Name screen – tap ‘Let’s Go’ after confirming information accuracy

Note: To add additional cats, tap the ‘+’ sign in the upper-left corner of the main screen

How do I log a feeding?

Note: Before logging a feeding, food (brand, flavor, etc.) must be added to the ‘Pantry’.

FIRST FEEDING – no food in pantry…yet

  1. Tap ‘Log a Feeding’ on main screen
  2. Tap ‘Add Food to Pantry’ box or blue ‘Edit Pantry’ link in upper right portion of pop-up window
  3. Enter keyword(s) from cat food brand and/or name and choose from search results

Note: results will populate as you type

  1. Tap green ‘+’ next to appropriate food to add it to your pantry 

FEEDING – food in pantry

  1.  Tap ‘Log a feeding’ on main screen

The ‘Feed [name]’ pop-up appears upon tapping ‘Log a Feeding’ on main screen

  1. Choose food from pantry by tapping on food provided to cat
            A pop-up will appear showing food specifics and a box to choose amount
  2. Select amount of food provided from rolling scroll of choices
  3. Confirm desired quantity populates box and tap red, ‘Add to Bowl’ button
  4. In the ‘Feed Name  pop-up dialog box, tap the red ‘Feed from Bowl’ button to save the feeding
  5. Confirm feeding was recorded by checking list in main Name (Cat) screen.

How do I access/edit the Pantry?

  1. From Name (cat) screen, tap large red ‘Log a feeding’ button
  2. Tap small, blue ‘Edit Pantry’ link in upper-right corner of the, ‘Feed Name’ pop-up
  3. Search for food using the search box

If food does not exist in existing list, tap the ‘+’ to the left of the search box, then...

  1. Select Wet/Dry by tapping appropriate button below ‘New Food’
  2. Wet – Enter name, calories per ounce (from bag), and choose can size

Clicking ‘Done’ will add item to the ‘Already in pantry’ list

  1. Dry – Enter name and calories per cup (found on bag)

Clicking ‘Done’ will add item to the ‘Already in pantry’ list

How do I log a weight?

  1. Tap ‘Log a weight’ on Name (cat) screen

A pop-up ‘Weigh In’ dialog box will overlay the Cat overview screen

  1. After weighing your cat, select the weight from the rolling scroll and tap the large, red, ‘Log Weight’ button.
  2. Confirm weight was successfully recorded by returning to the ‘Animal’/[Name] screen, choosing the ‘Weight’ tab and observing list.

How can I turn off reminders in the Purrfect Weight app?

If you tap the “Settings” tab at the top right of the home page (on which you have individual tabs for each of the cats for which Purrfect Weight is being used), this will bring you to a page that allows you to set up and turn of feeding and weighing reminders

Cat and Food FAQ

Does it matter if I don’t know my cat’s exact birthday?

A precise date of birth is not necessary as long as the cat being referenced is an adult cat (i.e. one year old or more). Purrfect Weight is only meant for use with adult cats.

My cat's breed is not listed. Will this affect my results?

No, Purrfect Weight is equally useful for all domestic cat breeds.

What is the best way to weigh my cat without visiting a veterinarian?

You can either purchase a baby weighing scale or weigh yourself while holding your cat, then weigh yourself alone and subtract the weight obtained with only you on the scale from that obtained with you holding your cat.

What should I do if I’m having difficulty figuring out my cat’s body condition score?

Please consult with your veterinarian for assistance with determining your cat’s body condition score.

What if my cat food is not listed in the food options?

You can add new foods by tapping the “Log a feeding” tab at the bottom of the overview page for the pet being fed, which will pull up a “Feed (name of cat)” tab. If you then tap the “edit pantry” prompt at the top right, this will bring you to the “Search For Cat Food” page. If you tap the “+” at the top left of this page, you will be brought to the “New Food” page, which will allow you to enter the caloric density of the either wet or dry cat foods that are not currently listed in the food options to put in your pantry.

It is important to note that the success of Purrfect Weight is dependent upon users entering the correct caloric information about any new foods that are added.

The caloric density of foods already available as options in the Food Search drop down list have already been verified. Any new foods and their caloric information entered by users will initially be housed on their individual phones (usable from with Purrfect Weight on that phone from the time entered). New foods added by users and their associated caloric data will intermittently be evaluated and verified by the Purrfect Weight technical team, and, once verified, will become available as searchable food options for all other Purrfect Weight users.

In some cases, the caloric density of cat foods will be listed on the package/can. In other cases, it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer for this information.

Can Purrfect Weight be used for both wet and dry cat foods?

Yes, Purrfect Weight is designed for use with both wet and dry cat foods. Amounts of dry food to be fed are measured by the cup, and amounts of wet food are measured by fractions of cans.

What if I feed more than one kind of food to my cat?

To log the feeding of more than one food, tap “Log a feeding” tab at the bottom of the overview page for the pet being fed, which will pull up a “Feed (name of cat)” tab. You can then select the first food to be fed by tapping on the thumbnail for this food, which will bring you to the tab for this food that allows you to select an amount of this food to be added to the bowl prior to feeding. After you have entered the amount of this food to be added to the bowl, click the “Add to Bowl” tab at the bottom of the page. This process can be repeated for each food to be fed, and once all foods have been added to the bowl prior to feeding, you can click the “Feed from Bowl” tab at the bottom of the “Feed (name of cat)” tab. This will log the feeding of all foods that have been added to the bowl prior to feeding.

Does Purrfect Weight track the feeding of cat treats?

The current version of Purrfect Weight does not log the feeding of treats. For optimal success, the feeding of treats (which can be very calorie dense) is discouraged (or should be significantly minimized). We recommend using logged dry food kibble as treats, or using vegetables/fruits such as baked zucchini, cucumber, baked carrots, steamed broccoli, steamed green beans, or melons as treats. Ideally calories derived from teats of any kind should constitute 10% or less of cat’s total daily caloric intake. Consultation with a veterinarian is recommended prior to feeding any new foods (or treats) to cats.

Technical FAQ

What information resides on the ‘[Name] (aka cat)’ screen?


  • Current weight of cat from most-recent weigh in (L of cat pic)
  • Goal weight and BCS

Feeding tab

  • Today subtab
  • Month subtab
  • Calorie section

Intake Calories – based on cat food and portions

Calories Remaining – based on weight, age, breed, etc.

  • Daily log (below calorie section)

Record of recent feedings – most recent on top         

Weight tab

  • History subtab – list view of recent feedings – most recent on top
  • Graph subtab – line graph showing weight loss based on weigh-ins

What settings and information resides on the ‘Settings’ page?

  • Units - Choose Standard vs. Metric
  • Feeding Reminders -   Toggle to enable/disable

      Add New Reminder

Select Time – rolling scroll to select

Enter Description of reminder (e.g. lunch/snack/morning/after work/etc.)

Note: Added reminders also have toggles to enable/disable

  • Weigh In Reminders - Rolling scroll to choose frequency from 1-8 weeks
  • Contact Us - Opens ‘New Message’ email screen

Routes to ITSD and into Remedy

General welcome, FAQ acknowledgement, and thank you.

Expandable/collapsible FAQ items

  • Remove All Notifications - Clears all Feeding and Weigh In reminders
  • Sign Out - Signs user out of app

Data is retained and available upon logging back into app.

How can I contact the Purrfect Weight team with technical or any other questions regarding the use of the app?

If you tap the “Settings” tab at the top right of the home page (on which you have individual tabs for each of the cats for which Purrfect Weight is being used), this will bring you to the Settings page. Tap the “Contact Us” tab near the bottom of this page, and this will bring you to a pre-populated e-mail template through which you can contact us with any questions/problems. We recommend that you review the Purrfect Weight FAQ page before contacting us in the event that your question is addressed on this page.

For additional information on nutrition, weight, and various feline health topics, visit this page of the Cornell Feline Health Center.