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Gavin Hitchener

Faculty member

Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences

Extension Associate


Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Ithaca, NY 14853

Lab: 631.325.0600
Fax: 631. 325.1843

Research Interest

Pathogenesis of Riemerella anatipestifer infection in ducks.
Vaccine technology for Riemerella anatipestifer, Escherichia coli, and Pasteurella multocida in poultry.
Racing pigeon circovirus diagnostics and vaccine development.


  • Residency Anatomic Cornell University, Pathology June 2015 College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca, NY
  • D.V.M. Veterinary Medicine Western University of Health Sciences May 2012 College of Veterinary Medicine, Pomona, CA
  • B.Sci Animal Science May 2008 University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • Study abroad (Animal Science focus) Jan-May 2007 University of Western Australia Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Biography/Professional Experience

Resident, Veterinary Anatomic Pathology Animal Health Diagnostic Center – Cornell University Ithaca, NY  July 2012 – July 2015
• Operate as a diagnostician within a high output AAVLD accredited state run laboratory averaging 60-75 cases per week
• Training in gross and histologic diagnosis of many infectious and non-infectious diseases
• Experience with a wide variety immunohistochemical and histochemical stains
• Assist in the training of 3rd and 4th year veterinary students in basic necropsy technique and appropriate sample collection for ancillary diagnostics and biosafety procedures
• Work in a team oriented approach to providing the most rapid and accurate diagnoses possible

Participant, International. Transboundary Animal Disease Course, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Orient Point, NY   April 8-19, 2013
• Performed post mortem examinations of infected animals with various transboundary diseases and isolated gross lesions
• Gained knowledge regarding tissue lesion recognition and other microscopic and molecular diagnostic modalities utilized for diagnosis of these various disease entities
• Assisted with animal care and use during the course
• Trained on safe entry and exit procedures of rooms with high consequence infectious diseases
• Assisted with teaching post mortem techniques to the international students

Extern, CL Davis Foundation Summer Pathology Program Diag. Lab. of the Arkansas Livestock & Poultry Commission Little Rock, AR  July 5-29, 2010
• Performed post-mortem examinations and tissue collection from large and small animals
• Became experienced in trimming, processing tissues and staining slides
• Evaluated slides and wrote case reports

Participant, Smith-Kilborne Program Cornell University, Ithaca, NY and Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Plum Island, NY  June 1-8, 2010
• Gained an understanding for the Incident Command System
• Reviewed selected foreign animal diseases
• Worked in a biological safety containment agricultural laboratory level 3

Summer Veterinary Histology Technician Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine Pomona, CA  July-Aug 2009
• Collected equine tissue samples for histopathology preparations
• Performed tissue trimming and processing for staining
• Performed Hematoxylin and Eosin staining of tissue from horses, chickens, pigs and goats


  • Hitchener GR, Mullen KR, Divers TJ, Duhamel GE, Acute Glomerulonephritis Associated With Administration of Bovine Hyper-Immune Serum In A 3-Month-Old Holstein Dairy Calf, ACVP Convention, November 2014, Atlanta, Georgia, poster presentation and oral presentation, November 2014.
  • Hitchener GR., Buckles, EL., Schlafer DH., Spontaneous Cervical Adenocarcinoma with Metastatic Disease in an Aged Captive Mouflon Sheep (Ovis orientalis), ACVP Convention, November 2014, Atlanta, Georgia, poster presentation, November 2014.
  • Hitchener GR., Caserto, BG, Multicentric Angioleiomyoma in a Young German Shepherd Dog, ACVP Convention, November 2014, Atlanta, Georgia, poster presentation and oral presentation, November 2014.
  • Hitchener GR, Doss J. Gastrointestinal Pythiosis in a Boxer from South West Arkansas. ACVP Convention, October 2010, Baltimore, MD. Veterinary Student Poster #12, Conference Proceedings-ACVP Veterinary Student Posters pg.141.

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