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Treatment Response for Equine Fungal Endometritis

Principal Investigator: Soon Hon Cheong

Co-PI: Anil Thachil

Department of Clinical Sciences
Sponsor: Theriogenology Foundation
Title: Treatment Response for Equine Fungal Endometritis
Project Amount: $5,000
Project Period: August 2018 to July 2019

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): 

Fungal endometritis is serious cause of infertility in the mare. The cost associated with treatment of this disease and the failure to achieve a pregnancy has severe implications on the equine industry. Knowledge of treatment success of fungal infections based on culture and susceptibility is lacking. Therefore, the objective of this proposal is to gain information on the relationship between the fungal susceptibility to antifungal drugs and the response to treatment resulting in clinical cure. We propose to recruit submitting veterinarians that have a horse with positive uterine fungal culture through the Cornell Animal Health Diagnostic Center to participate in this research. Data on the fungal culture and susceptibility, treatment and response to the therapy will be collected and analyzed to determine if treatments based on the susceptibility are efficacious. The results of this study will help guide treatment decisions by veterinarians to maximize the likelihood of clinical cure.

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