Cornell AHDC/NYSVDL Emergency Preparedness Capacity

Principal Investigator: Laura Goodman

Co-PI: Francois Elvinger, Erin Goodrich

Animal Health Diagnostic Center
Sponsor: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Grant Number: AP20VSD&B000C009
Title: Cornell AHDC/NYSVDL Emergency Preparedness Capacity
Project Amount: $195,093
Project Period: March 2020 to February 2021

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): 

We propose to re-purpose two spaces in our building by outfitting them with additional equipment necessary for emergency response to foreign animal diseases. One of these is a room adjacent to our receiving area that was previously designated as a wildlife laboratory. The other is a BSL-3 laboratory that has not been used for that purpose due to lack of essential equipment. We also request funds for the bioWALL decontamination system featured in the joint AAVLD/USAHA plenary session in 2018, which would be an improved means of decontaminating our necropsy suite and lab areas. Finally, we propose to purchase two molecular diagnostic instruments (QuantStudio5 and Illumina iSeq) for evaluation and development of new protocols for detecting and subtyping NAHLN scope diseases.