Robert Tugel

Robert TugelA horse enthusiast for nearly half of a century, Dr. Robert Tugel is the newest committee member of the Harry M. Zweig Memorial Fund for Equine Research. As such, he is looking forward to his role in continuing the Committee's long-standing commitment to quality-of-life-changing research. "I've been following the work of this fund-the results that come from the projects supported-for almost 20 years," said Dr. Tugel, who is the owner of Farmington Equine Associates. "The new information that is learned, the new procedures that are safely and successfully tried, the improved quality of life for horses, is amazing. I am looking forward to my responsibilities to ensure that the funding continues to be strategically channeled for the benefit of horses and the profession."

Tugel's practice currently supports three veterinarians and is located at the Finger Lakes Race Track. Given the track's relatively long season (from mid-April through early December), the practice does not have to follow its clients south in the winter. This, Tugel says, is both an unusual situation for veterinarians who serve race horses and personally gives him the opportunity to enjoy one of Cornell's favorite winter sports: ice hockey.

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