Harry M. Zweig Memorial Fund for Equine Research News Capsule

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Zweig News Capsule #69 - June 2020

Zweig cover 69Cornell radiologist creates new brain atlas for horses 

Dr. Philippa Johnson knows her way around brains. A clinical radiologist and diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, she specializes in advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques. Read more.

Zweig News Capsule #68 - December 2019

Zweig cover 63Zweig Fund celebrates 40th Anniversary 

The Harry M. Zweig Memorial Fund for Equine Research celebrated its 40th anniversary Nov. 13 at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine with poster presentations, research talks, and toasts and celebrations among researchers, students and committee members. Read more.

Zweig News Capsule #67 - August 2019

Zweig COVER 62Zweig Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Heidi Reesink 

Heidi Reesink has been named the Harry M. Zweig Assistant Professor in Equine Health in honor of her ambitious research program to detect horses at risk for catastrophic injuries and to develop new treatments for arthritis.  Read more.

Zweig News Capsule #66 - December 2018

Zweig Cover 66New Heights of Inquiry: Untangling Roaring's Genomic Origins

Thanks in part to Zweig funding, Cornell veterinarian and scientist Dr. Dorothy Ainsworth, professor of large animal medicine, and a team of collaborators have begun to unveil the genomic underpinnings of recurrent laryngeal neuropathy (RLN), or roaring. Read more.

Zweig News Capsule #65 - June 2018

Zweig Cover 65Zweig Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Doug Antczak

Doug Antczak, the Dorothy Havemeyer McConville Professor of Equine Medicine with the Baker Institute for Animal Health, was an invited speaker at the festival, where he presented his research on the genetic relationships between Arabians and other horse breeds. Read more.