Reservation Guide for iCAL (MAC)

  1. Make  sure  you are  working in your  Cornell Exchange  calendar  (Highlight the calendar listed under  in the  calendar  list).
  2. In the iCal menu,  click  “File” – “New Event” or navigate to the date of your meeting and double-click on the date of your meeting.

    Screenshot of step 1 Screenshot of step 2
  3. Click and highlight "New Event" to change the event name. Click and highlight the date and time, AM or PM to change them as well.

    Screenshot of step 3
  4. Click Add Invitees and a slot opens up where you enter the name of the conferenceroom. Be sure not to add a space between VRT and room number.

    Screenshot of step 4
  5. Click Send.
  6. You will receive an email from the room either accepting or declining your meeting.