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Staff Council spotlight on the ezyVet Project Team!

The CVM Staff Council is excited to highlight the ezyVet Project Team in the December 2018 edition of CVM eNews. The Project Team, led by Project Manager of Clinical and Business Workflows, Daniela Mancuso, successfully went live with the ezyVet practice management software within the Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA) at the end of October 2018. The Staff Council was able to sit down with the team and learn more about the process.

From left to right: Daniela Mancuso, Deb Watrous, Danielle Pfaff, Pamela Moore, June DeWolf, Anna Robertson, Larry Pfaff, and Dr. Meg Thompson.

Staff Council: What is ezyVet?

Project Team: ezyVet is a New Zealand cloud based veterinary practice management software. To operate effectively, our hospital uses an electronic medical record system (EMR); CUHA was previously using the software UVIS since 2007.

Staff Council: Why ezyVet? ​​​​​​

Project Team: ezyVet provides the foundation needed to begin exploring improved patient care workflows, increased communication methods with clients and referring veterinarians, data-mining for research, and better EMR feedback to our students. We feel ezyVet will help our graduates enter the marketplace skilled and practiced in a modern, cloud-based veterinary practice management system.

Staff Council: Who will be using this system?

Project Team: The system will be used by faculty, clinicians, referring veterinarians, residents, students, clients, members of the Animal Health Diagnostic Center, and all of Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

Staff Council: How long did the implementation process take?

Project Team: The process really started in 2012 with Dr. Meg Thompson’s vision of bringing a more sophisticated EMR ecosystem into CUHA.  The team began researching systems in 2015, and in December of 2017 ezyVet was selected.  The team worked extremely hard over the past year to meet the ambitious launch date of October 23, 2018.

Staff Council: What was the most memorable moment of the project?

Project Team: ezyVet staff were onsite providing support for several weeks following implementation, which happened to coincide with Halloween. Faculty, students, and staff, including ezyVet staff, dressed up in costumes; the students dressed Minnie the horse as the ‘Ghost of UVIS’ and brought her by the room for all project team members to see!

Staff Council: What is the next big project?

Project Team: We began implementing Cubex, an automated pharmaceutical and supply dispensary, to replace the current system of 15+ years. The new dispensary is highly sophisticated and will help improve workflow; the system will be interfaced with ezyVet, is fingerprint controlled, and sends an alert when restocking is required.

Staff Council: Thank you for speaking with us about your experiences with this monumental implementation! Is there anything additional you would like to add?

Project Team: This was really a community effort, the team leveraged resources from around the College and University including the Accounting Service Center (ASC), Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC), Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA), Educational Support Services (ESS), Facilities, Marketing and Communications, Procurement Office, and Veterinary Medicine Information Technology (VMIT).


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