Transformative Research

We continually foster research that is responsive to current and emerging issues in animal and human health, ranging from diseases in wildlife to sustainable food production, and from public health to companion animal practice. We continue to build our research strengths through collaborative research initiatives both across Cornell and beyond. This year we’ve launched our Biomedical and Biological Sciences Signature Seminar Series and have linked with Weill Cornell Medicine for symposium funding and seed grants. In addition to collaborating on the provost’s initiatives in genome biology, infection biology, sustainability and data science, we have also joined the new collaboration on digital agriculture.


  • Launch of the Biomedical and Biological Sciences Signature Seminar Series
  • Continuing our participation in the provost's radical collaboration initiatives

        -genome biology      -infection biology
        -data science           -sustainability
        -digital agriculture    

  • Links with Weill Cornell Medicine
    -symposium funding
    -seed grants

Research Grant Dollars Awarded to CVM Academic Departments


increase since FY'18 in sponsored research direct cost expenses 

(a direct correlate to sponsored research funding)

increase in total number of research grants since 2015

Creating Research Connections

2019 Faculty Awards:

  • Charles Danko Named Robert N. Noyce Assistant Professor in Life Science and Technology
  • Erin Epperly Zoetis Distinguished Teacher Award
  • Nadine Fiani Jaguar Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research, Veterinary Dental Forum
  • Lisa Fortier SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities
  • Nita Irby SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service
  • Renata Ivanek SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Michael Kotlikoff Honorary Doctor of Science Degree, City University of Hong Kong
  • Sydney Moise Outstanding Alumni, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
  • Heidi Reesink Named Harry M. Zweig Assistant Professor in Equine Health
  • Brian Rudd Named Associate Professor of Empire Innovation
  • Karel Schat Life Membership, American Association of Avian Pathologists
  • Mary Smith WCNY Makers Award: Women Who Make America
  • Jeongmin Song Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence
  • Belinda Thompson Medal of Distinction, US Animal Health Association
  • Bettina Wagner Distinguished Veterinary Immunologist Award

Symposia hosted or sponsored by CVM include:

Antimicrobial Resistance: Research Synergies in
Human and Animal Medicine

Biomedical and Biological Sciences Symposium

The Center for Vertebrate Genomics Symposium

Climate Change and Health

Cornell Public Health Symposium

Harry M. Zweig Memorial Fund for Equine Research 40th Anniversary Celebration

Intercampus Cornell Cancer Research Symposium

Public Health Symposium: Feeding the World
Without Devouring It

13 active collaborations
 on cross-campus grants