Cornell Companions - The Hospicare Residence

Although most of their patients are cared for at home, the Hospicare Residence offers accommodations for:

  • Patients whose caregivers are no longer able to care for them or who must be out of the home for long periods
  • Patients who live alone without adequate support or the availability of a suitable caregiver
  • Patients who no longer have a home.

Patient comfort is the most significant goal of the Residence staff, and the hospice medical director is available for consultation if the patient's physician is unable to visit. With two staff members attending no more than six patients 24 hours a day, personal care and attention are assured.
There are no restrictions on visiting hours, and family members may remain overnight if they wish. Meals are prepared on site, and efforts are made to accommodate individual preferences. Residents are invited to bring in paintings, a favorite chair, or other possessions to make their room feel like home. Numerous beautiful plants and a kitty named Gracie also live at the residence.
Since there are only six rooms, visits to the facility take place on an individual basis, with only one volunteer and pet visiting the facility at one time.

Distance from Cornell: 4.30 miles or about 9 minutes
172 East King Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850