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Memorial giving programs

When a beloved pet dies, it can be difficult for owners to find solace and meaning. A donation to one of our Memorial Giving Programs can help provide some consolation and hope for a better future for animal health to those in need of comfort.

For clinics: Clinic Memorial Giving Program

One of the true tests of veterinary practice comes when nothing more can be done for a patient. Veterinarians are routinely called upon to assist their clients in facing something that feels anything but routine - the death of a beloved pet. When you must assist that death, the experience can leave both you and your client in need of comfort and a way to reaffirm your relationship.

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The Baker Institute's Clinic Memorial Gift Program meets both your needs.

  • Clients find solace and validation in the thoughtful acknowledgment of their loss.
  • Practitioners have a thoughtful way to reach out to their clients and bring positive perspective to a painful experience. Practitioner-client relationships often grow stronger as a result.
  • When you join, we'll provide you with a 16" x 20" print version of our latest infographic that you can hang in your clinic. 

To participate in the program, use our online gift portal. When you provide a gift and contact information for your client, we will send a letter to your clients informing them of your kindness.

For individuals: Memorial Giving Program

Every memorial gift provides vital support to the Baker Institute's acclaimed research programs. For a cherished pet or fellow animal lover, there is no more positive or fitting tribute than a gift to benefit companion animal health, and no institution has a more distinguished record of practical advances, particularly in canine health, than the Baker Institute.

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Contributions received through the Memorial Gift Program ensure the continuation of the Institute's outstanding work in infectious diseases and immunology, cancer, reproductive disorders, and comparative genomics. Read more about how your support helps animals everywhere.