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Clinic Memorial Partners

Our Clinic Memorial Giving Program offers veterinarians the opportunity to make gifts to the Cornell Feline Health Center in memory of their clients' lost pets as a way of offering solace to their clients while also extending the promise of a better future for animals by supporting the Center's work to improve feline medicine.

The Cornell Feline Health Center deeply appreciates the veterinarians who participate in the Clinic Memorial Program:

As veterinarians, we have a responsibility to support the science that built our profession and our livelihood, but donations are also a good business decision. The end of life is a very important time to maintain that relationship with clients, and anything you can do to help someone during that time of grieving is a huge service. It's the right thing to do.

Dr. W. Bradley Davis, DVM '83, Owner
Davis Companion Animal Hospital, Connecticut



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Your Happy and Healthy Pet

We receive many calls of gratitude from owners that received a letter from Cornell stating that a contribution was made by my clinic in memory of their pet. It is truly a wonderful way to help clients through a very difficult period.

Dr. Linda Jacobson, Owner
Jacobson Veterinary Clinic, New York 

 The program helps us strengthen the client bond, while supporting the College's financial goals, ensuring that it leads the way for future veterinarians.

Dr. Pasquale Meleleo, DVM '08, Owner
Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, New York