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The Cornell Veterinary Biobank is a great resource for research. If you need to get sample sizes that are beyond the capabilities of your lab, you can use the resources that [the biobank] has and much more quickly scale up studies to help you make discoveries.

- Adam Boyko

On their own, researchers would take years collecting and properly categorizing samples for their own studies. The Cornell Veterinary Biobank exists to take over this time-consuming process, helping to accelerate research by archiving high quality biospecimens.

Drawing its strength from a large number of high quality, clinically annotated biospecimens, the Biobank strives to be a reliable partner for researchers. With our archive of 20,000+ samples from 18,000+ animals of multiple species, we have been able to support over 100 studies all over the world.

Biobank samples allowed us to identify ways that canine lymphomas are similar to human lymphomas, leading to better targeted, less toxic treatments for dogs and people.

- Dr. Kristy Richards

As an NIH-sponsored and ISBER-member project, the Cornell Veterinary Biobank complies with the best practices for biobanking. Our processes are meticulously carried out by highly trained professionals. Potential donors are selected on a daily basis by analysing patients’ medical records to identify cases with any of 190+ diseases of interest. To complement these, we also archive samples of healthy animals that can be used as controls for research studies. Each sample is uniquely identified in our database and the collection and processing steps are documented, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the archived biospecimens.

If you are conducting a research study, please contact the Biobank to see how we can assist you in your efforts.