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The Department of Molecular Medicine hosts seminars and research Work-in-Progress presentations throughout the year

Fall Seminar Series 2024
4:00 pm  (Mondays, unless otherwise noted)

September 2024
September 16 
Dr. Shernaz Bamji

Dr. Shernaz Bamji, University of British Columbia

The Role od Palmitoylating Enzymes in Brain Development and Disease


October 2024
October 7

Dr. Kapil Ramachandran, University of British Columbia

Title TBD


Spring Seminar Series 2024
4:00 pm  (Mondays, unless otherwise noted)

APRIL 2024
  • April 18 (Thursday) - Lecture Hall 3
    Rachel Ee, National University of Singapore

    Peptide Nanonets as Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory Agents
    (hosted by Saki Ichikawa)


2023/2024 Fall/Winter Department Work-In-Progress Series
4:00 pm Mondays Lecture Hall III, unless noted otherwise

  • October 23
    Shi Feng  (Cerione Lab) - Is filament formation necessary to drive catalysis of glutaminase enzymes?
    Derek Wei (Hollopeter Lab) - How does APE-1 regulate the protein phosphatase GSP-2?
  • October 30

    Anthony Bui  (Chappie Lab) - Structural characterization of non-canonical McrBC homologs provides insights into DNA binding
    Erika Beyrent (Hollopeter Lab) - How is the Inversin complex activated?

  • November 6
    Erik Henze  (Kawate Lab) - Untargeted secretomics reveals a novel set of Pannexin-1 signaling metabolite
    Jenn Roscoe (Sevier Lab) - Characterizing the role of the UPR during overly oxidizing ER redox conditions
  • November 13 - No WIP - Department Seminar
  • November 20 - No WIP - Thanksgiving Break
  • November 27
    Rebecca Schmitt  (Cerione Lab) - Glioblastoma Resilience Through Dock7-Driven Survival and Plasticity
    Kuang-Tse Wang (Adler Lab) - Delineating how RoboA Regulates Stem Cell Differentiation
  • December 4 - POSTPONED
    Brian Aguilera  (Kurpios Lab) - Pitx2 regulated epithelial homeostasis and function in the postnatal intestine
  • December 11
    Jillian Breault  (Sevier Lab) - Structure and function of a BiP ATPase mutant
    Matt Zanotelli (Cerione Lab) - Sustained AKT and mTOR/S6K activity by Dock7 in the survival of cancer cells
  • December 18 - NO WIP - Winter Break
  • December 25 - NO WIP - Winter Break
  • January 1 - NO WIP - Winter Break
  • January 8
    Jacqueline Ehrlich  (Kawate Lab) - Structural investigations of Pannexin gating
  • January 15 - NO WIP - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  • January 22
    Sumanth Mosale  (Sardana Lab) - Understanding Membrane Protein Quality Control Mechanism at Lysosomes
    Sam Deck  (Cerione Lab) - Advancements in our Understanding of the Molecular Mechanisms of K-Ras Activation Using Novel X-Ray Crystallography Approaches
  • January 29 - NO WIP - BBS Recruitment
  • February 5
    Alexandra Hommer  (Sevier Lab) - Cellular Targeting and Functions for the Methionine Sulfoxide Reductases (MSRs)
    Saul De La Pena (Cerione Lab) - Unraveling the Biology and Structure of Rhodopsin and its Effectors in the Presence of its Native Lipids
  • February 12
    Libby Huang (Kurpios Lab) - Reconstructing the origin and assembly of villus smooth muscles
    Justin Tapper (Adler Lab) - Developing transgenic strategies in planarians
  • February 19
    Sarah Codd (Kawate Lab) - Elucidating the structure and function of TTYH1 using C. elegans as a model organism
    Bill Katt  (Cerione Lab) - Progress in Pooches: MEK Inhibitors to Treat Canine Oral Cancers
  • February 26
    Jade Bowerman  (Sardana Lab) - Investigation of factors regulating AP-1 function in intra-Golgi recycling
    Kayleigh Morrison  (Hollopeter Lab) - The Curious Case of a Two-Faced Protein Domain
MARCH 2024
  • March 4
    Isabel Delo  (Adler Lab) - Investigating the role of Smad4-2 in neural feeding circuit regeneration
    Julia Zhu (Sardana Lab) - Uncovering Novel Functions of the Disease-associated Protein Cystinosin using Yeast as a Model
  • March 11
    Jacob Neumann (Cerione Lab) - Determining how survivin influences metabolic reprogramming in pancreatic cancer
    Shun Enomoto (Cerione Lab) - Determining how embryonic stem cell derived extracellular vesicles delay senescence