Using the Facility

  1. Consultation
    The first step in using PATh is an initial intake appointment to determine the specific data and outcome measures the client needs. All work performed within the PATh facility rooms will be performed by our staff. After our initial consultation a preliminary budget will be created and submitted for review to the client.
  2. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Amendment
    If a study plan has been agreed upon an IACUC amendment will be initiated to add the experiment and all procedures/substances necessary to complete the work. PATh maintains its own IACUC protocol for all work performed by its staff. The study design will be discussed in detail with the client, and work will proceed once the amendment has been approved.
  3. Study/Trial
    Deliverables (i.e. drug compounds, etc…) are the responsibility of the client and will be discussed in advance to allow enough time to be formulated or ordered prior to the beginning of the experiment. All discussed data points and procedures will be collected and performed; a study design may be incrementally amended during the experiment so long as it does not significantly interfere with the overall plan or violate any rules set in place by the Center for Animal Resources and Education (CARE) and IACUC.
  4. End of Study/Reimbursement
    All study data and collected materials will be due to the client within 30 days after the experiment has been completed. A final invoice will be compiled for all work completed and will be delivered to the client at that time. If the proposed work is a long term case study, then a payment schedule will be discussed at the time of initial consultation.