Graduate Education

Graduate Fields of Study

Graduate education at Cornell is organized around Graduate Fields of Study, which are divided by discipline. To apply for graduate work at Cornell, prospective students must apply to a particular Graduate Field (rather than Department) using the Graduate School’s website. For more information on Graduate Fields, see below, "What is a Graduate Field?"

Students interested in pursuing a degree in the general areas of microbiology and immunology typically choose between the following fields:

PhD Program in Biomedical & Biological Sciences (BBS)

The Graduate Field of Biomedical & Biological Sciences has an Immunology & Infectious Disease concentration (IID) as well as four other concentrations student can choose from (Molecular and Cellular Medicine, Population Medicine and Epidemiology, Translational Medicine and Zoology & Wildlife Concentration). For more information on degree requirements see this website - BBS Curriculum.

How to Apply

To apply to the BBS program, please visit the web site of the College of Veterinary Medicine Office of Graduate Education. To apply to other Graduate Fields including Microbiology, please visit the website of the Graduate School.

More Information on Graduate Education in General
Other Research Interest Programs

These programs are interest-based programs. Prospective students who are interested in these programs still must apply to a Graduate Field in which a faculty member of these programs participate. Once admitted to a Graduate Field, one may become a member of these programs.