The Department of Molecular Medicine hosts weekly seminars and research Work-in-Progress presentations throughout the year

Fall Seminar Series 2020
4:00 pm Mondays via Zoom

  • September 14 (Monday) - Zoom link
    Richa Sardana, Weill Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, Cornell University`
    Molecular Proteostasis Mechanisms in the Secretory and Endocytic Pathways
    (hosted by Gunther Hollopeter)
  • September 21 (Monday) - Zoom link
    Michael Hoppa
    , Department of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth
    Decoding Synaptic Transmission with Light
    (hosted by Gunther Hollopeter)
  • October 12 (Monday) - Zoom link
    Kathryn Ramsay, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Rhode Island
    Control of Virulence in the Bacterial Pathogen and Potential Bioweapon Francisella tularensis
    (hosted by Josh Chappie)
  • October 19 (Monday) - Zoom link
    William Katt, Department of Molecular Medicine
    Potent Allosteric Inhibitors of the Metabolic Enzyme Glutaminase C
    (hosted by Maurine Linder)
  • October 27 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar - Zoom link
    Erica Ollmann Saphire, La Jolla Institute for Immunology
    Antibodies Against Emerging Infectious Disease: A Global Collaboration
    (hosted by Ted Clark)
  • November 3 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar - Zoom link
    Akiko Iwasaki, The Anlyan Center for Medical Research & Education, Yale School of Medicine
    Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2
    (hosted by DISC - Divya Shiroor)
  • November 9 (Monday) - Department Work-in-Progress Series begins
  • November 17 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar - Zoom link
    Cassandra Extavour, Dept. of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
    Eggs, Expression and Ecology: Regulation and Evolution of Reproductive Capacity
    (hosted by Diverse Interdisciplinary Student Council (DISC)
  • December 1 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar - Zoom link
    Monte Winslow, Department of Genetics, Stanford University
    Multiplexed in vivo Functional Cancer Genomics
    (hosted by Praveen Sethupathy)

Fall/Winter Department Work-In-Progress Series
4:00 pm Mondays via Zoom

  • November 9 - Zoom Link
    Divya Shiroor (Adler Lab) - TBA
    Julio Sanchez (Cerione Lab) - The Tumor Suppressor PTEN Modulates PD-L1 in Glioblastoma Derived Extracellular Vesicles
  • November 16 - Zoom LInk

    Furkat Mukhtarov (Sevier Lab) - Oxidative protein folding: A search for an alternative electron acceptor for endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductin 1 (Ero1)
    Gwen Beacham (Hollopeter Lab) - C. elegans reveal a connection between the tissue organizers MLT-4/inversin and the clathrin adaptor AP2

  • November 23 - no WIP, Thanksgiving week

  • November 30 - Zoom Link
    Ian Malgapo (Linder Lab) - Characterization of the Acyl CoA Hydrolase activity of MBLAC2
    Shing Hu  (Kurpios Lab) - Asymmetric transcription factor Pitx2 regulates lacteal-associated smooth muscle and protects against fatty liver disease

  • December 7 - NO WIP
  • December 14 - Zoom Link
    Justin Lormand (Sondermann Lab) - Diribonucleotidase activity is a critical function in bacteria
    Shawn Milano (Cerione Lab) - Room temperature serial crystallography of human glutaminase bound with small molecule inhibitors
  • December 21 - NO WIP
  • January 4 - Zoom Link
    Ed Partlow (Hollopeter Lab) - TBA
    Cora Demler (Kurpios Lab) - Right and Center: Characterizing the asymmetric extracellular matrix of the dorsal mesentery and its effect on gut development
  • January 11 - Zoom Link
    Erika Beyrent (Hollopeter Lab) - Investigating the function of the inversin compartment homologs NEKL-2, MLT-2, and MLT-4 in C. elegans
    Elena Panizza (Cerione Lab) - Proteomic analysis reveals a mechanism of radiation resistance in glioma
  • January 18 - NO WIP – Martin Luther King Day
  • January 25 - Zoom Link
    Tyler Rozanitis (Kawate Lab) - TBA
    Tisha Bohr (Adler Lab) - TBA
  • February 1 - NO WIP – BBS Recruitment
  • February 8
    Phillip Nguyen (Kawate Lab) - TBA
    Ruizhi Li (Cerione Lab) - TBA
  • February 15
    Anthony Bui (Chappie Lab) - TBA
    Jillian Breault (Sevier Lab) - TBA
  • February 22
    Derek Wei (Hollopeter Lab) - TBA
    Jenn Roscoe (Sevier Lab) - TBA

MARCH 2021

  • March 1
    Bhargav Sanketi (Kurpios Lab) - TBA
    Kuang-Tse Wang (Adler) - TBA
  • March 8
    Erik Henze (Kawate Lab) - TBA
    Brian Aguilera (Kurpios Lab) - TBA
  • March 15
    Myfanwy Adams (Chappie Lab) - TBA