The Department of Molecular Medicine hosts weekly seminars and research Work-in-Progress presentations throughout the year

Summer/Fall Seminar Series 2021
4:00 pm Mondays via Zoom or in-person (venue tba)

  • August 23 - BBS Symposium - Zoom tba
    Judith Campisi, Buck Institute for Aging Research
    Aging and Cancer: Rival Demons?
    (hosted by BBS Planning Committee)
  • September 7 (Tuesday)- BBS Signature Series Seminar - Zoom
    Joanna Wysocka, Department of Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford University
    Making Faces: Transcriptional Enhancers and Emergence of Form and Function during Development and Evolution
    (hosted by Genome Biology)
  • September 24 (Friday)- DISTINGUISHED LECTURE IN CANCER BIOLOGY - Register at:
    Ned Sharpless, Director, National Cancer Institute
    The National Cancer Institute: Leading Cancer Research in 2021 and Beyond
    (cosponsored by Sandra Atlas Bass Endowment for Cancer Research and the Comparative Cancer Biology Program)
  • September 28 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar - Zoom
    Kristy Red-Horse, Department of Biology, Stanford University
    Comparing Coronary Artery Features in Regenerative and Non-regenerative Hearts
    (hosted by Praveen Sethupathy and Guy Scuderi)
  • October 26 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar  - Lecture Hall 4
    Stirling Churchman, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
    From the Nucleus to Mitochondria: The Global Orchestration of Gene Expression
    (hosted by Charles Danko and Jon Lis)
  • November 2 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar  - POSTPONED
    Alexander Sasha Rudensky, Department of Molecular Biology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center & HHMI
    (hosted by Gary Koretsky)
  • November 30 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar  -  Zoom tba
    Daniel Mucida, Immunology, Virology, and Microbiology, The Rockefeller University
    Role for Intraepithelial Lymphocytes in Colon Cancer
    (hosted by Microbiology & Immunology Department)

Fall/Winter Department Work-In-Progress Series
4:00 pm Mondays Lecture Hall III

  • November 8
    William Katt (Cerione Lab) - Progress in the Design of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Tissue Transglutaminase
  • November 15

    Gwen Beacham (Hollopeter Lab) - A Junctional Phosphatase at the Heart of Jowls
    Cody Alpin (Cerione Lab) - TG2: Structural Insights into an Important Player in Cancer

  • November 22

    Ed Partlow (Hollopeter Lab) - TBA
    Cora Demler (Kurpios Lab) - TBA

  • December 13 - *Classroom 6*
    Erika Beyrent (Hollopeter Lab) - TBA
    Thuy Tien Nguyen (Cerione Lab) - TBA
  • January 10
    Myfanwy Adams (Chappie Lab) - TBA
    Phillip Nguyen (Kawate Lab) - TBA
  • January 17 - NO WIP, Martin Luther King Holiday
  • January 24
    Tyler Rozanitis (Kawate Lab) - TBA
    Anthony Bui (Chappie Lab) - TBA
  • January 31 - NO WIP, BBS Recruitment
  • February 7
    Jillian Breault (Sevier Lab) - TBA
    Derek Wei (Hollopeter Lab) - TBA
  • February 14
    Jenn Roscoe (Sevier Lab) - TBA
    Kuang -Tse Wang (Adler Lab) - TBA
  • February 21
    Bhargav Sanketi (Kurpios Lab) - TBA
    Erik Henze (Kawate Lab) - TBA
  • February 28
    Brian Aguilera (Kurpios Lab) - TBA
    Jackie Ehrlich  (Kawate Lab) - TBA
MARCH 2022
  • March 7
    Justin Tapper (Adler Lab) - TBA
    Ruizhi Li (Cerione Lab) - TBA
  • March 14