The Department of Molecular Medicine hosts seminars and research Work-in-Progress presentations throughout the year

Fall/Winter Seminar Series 2023
4:00 pm  (Mondays, unless otherwise noted)

  • October 3 (Tuesday) - Lecture Hall 4, BBS Signature Seminar Series
    Chris Hunter, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

    Parasite Partners: Unveiling Pathogen Latency with Transgenic Allies
    (hosted by Cindy Leifer)

  • November 7 (Tuesday) - Lecture Hall 5, BBS Signature Seminar Series
    Michel Sadelain, Center for Cell Engineering, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    CD19 CAR T cells: a Paradigm for the Living Drug Concept
    (hosted by James Cockey)

  • November 13 (Monday) - Lecture Hall 3, Department Seminar Series
    Carrie Adler, Department of Molecular Medicine, Cornell
    Planarian Stem Cells: a Model for Limitless Regeneration and Renewal

  • December 5 (Tuesday) - Lecture Hall 4, BBS Signature Seminar Series
    Frank Slack, Institute for RNA Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School

    Towards microRNA Therapeutics in Cancer
    (hosted by Praveen Sethupathy and Rosanna Ma)

  • December 15 (Friday) - 3:00 pm, Lecture Hall 3, Special Welcome Back Seminar
    Sandra Martha Gomes DiasBrazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LNBio,CNPEM)
    Redefining Cellular Dynamics: The Unexpected Role of Glutaminase Filaments in Mitochondrial Fate
    (hosted by Richard Cerione)

2023/2024 Fall/Winter Department Work-In-Progress Series
4:00 pm Mondays Lecture Hall III, unless noted otherwise

  • October 23
    Shi Feng  (Cerione Lab) - Is filament formation necessary to drive catalysis of glutaminase enzymes?
    Derek Wei (Hollopeter Lab) - How does APE-1 regulate the protein phosphatase GSP-2?
  • October 30

    Anthony Bui  (Chappie Lab) - Structural characterization of non-canonical McrBC homologs provides insights into DNA binding
    Erika Beyrent (Hollopeter Lab) - How is the Inversin complex activated?

  • November 6
    Erik Henze  (Kawate Lab) - Untargeted secretomics reveals a novel set of Pannexin-1 signaling metabolite
    Jenn Roscoe (Sevier Lab) - Characterizing the role of the UPR during overly oxidizing ER redox conditions
  • November 13 - No WIP - Department Seminar
  • November 20 - No WIP - Thanksgiving Break
  • November 27
    Rebecca Schmitt  (Cerione Lab) - Glioblastoma Resilience Through Dock7-Driven Survival and Plasticity
    Kuang-Tse Wang (Adler Lab) - Delineating how RoboA Regulates Stem Cell Differentiation

  • December 4
    Brian Aguilera  (Kurpios Lab) - Pitx2 regulated epithelial homeostasis and function in the postnatal intestine
  • December 11
    Jillian Breault  (Sevier Lab) - tba
    Matt Zanotelli (Cerione Lab) - tba
  • December 18 - NO WIP - Winter Break
  • December 25 - NO WIP - Winter Break
  • January 1 - NO WIP - Winter Break
  • January 8
    Yangyang Liu (Cerione Lab) - tba
    Jacqueline Ehrlich  (Kawate Lab) - tba
  • January 15 - NO WIP - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  • January 22
    Sumanth Mosale  (Sardana Lab) - tba
    Sam Deck  (Cerione Lab) - tba
  • January 29 - NO WIP - BBS Recruitment
  • February 5
    Alexandra Hommer  (Sevier Lab) - tba
    Saul De La Pena (Cerione Lab) - tba
  • February 12
    Libby Huang (Kurpios Lab) - tba
    Justin Tapper (Adler Lab) - tba
  • February 19
    Sarah Codd (Kawate Lab) - tba
    Bill Katt  (Cerione Lab) - tba
  • February 26
    Jade Bowerman  (Sardana Lab) - tba
    Kayleigh Morrison  (Hollopeter Lab) - tba
MARCH 2024
  • March 4
    Isabel Delo  (Adler Lab) - tba
    Julia Zhu (Sardana Lab) - tba
  • March 11
    Jacob Neumann (Cerione Lab) - tba
    Shun Enomoto (Cerione Lab) - tba