The Department of Molecular Medicine hosts weekly seminars and research Work-in-Progress presentations throughout the year

Fall Seminar Series
4:00 pm Mondays in Lecture Hall 3, Veterinary Research Tower (unless otherwise noted)

September 2019
  • September 3 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar - Lecture Hall 4
    Josh Mendell, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
    Regulation and Function of Mammalian Noncoding RNAs
    (hosted by Bob Weiss)
  • September 9 (Monday) - University Lecture - 4:00, Lecture Hall 4
    Mark Davis, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford School of Medicine
    (hosted by the Center for Immunology)
  • September 13 (Friday) - University Life Sciences Lecture Series Seminar - 4:00, G10 Biotechnology Building
    Elliot Meyerowitz, Division of Biology and Biological Engineering, California Institute of Technology
    (hosted by Mike Scanlon, SIPS)
  • September 24 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar - 4:00, Lecture Hall 4
    Tracy Johnson
    , Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, UCLA
    RNA Splicing, Chromatin Modification, and the Coordinated Control of Gene Expression
    (hosted by BBS students)
October 2019
  • October 1 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar - 4:00, Lecture Hall 4
    Yijun Ruan
    , Director of Genome Sciences, The Jackson Laboratory
    3D Genome Organization & Transcription Regulation
    (hosted by John Schimenti, VERGE)
  • October 7 (Monday)
    Mark Kahn, Department of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
    Cardiovascular Translation through Mechanism
    (hosted by Natasza Kurpios)
  • October 14 (Monday) - FALL BREAK
  • October 21 (Monday)

    Nihal Altan-Bonnet, Cell and Developmental Biology Center, NHLBI, NIH
    All Aboard: Vesicles, Viruses and Strength in Numbers
    (hosted by Ruth Collins)

  • October 28 (Monday)
    Mark McNiven, George M. Eisenberg Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Director, Mayo Center for Biomedical Discovery
    Membrane-Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Hepatic Disease
    (hosted by Ruth Collins)

November 2019
  • November 4 (Monday) - University Life Sciences Lecture Series Seminar - 4:00, Lecture Hall 4
    Mina Bissell
    , Biological Systems and Engineering Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Why Don't We Get More Cancer? The Critical Role of Extracellular Matrix and Microenvironment in Malignancy and Dormancy
    (hosted by Claudia Fischbauch and Bob Weiss)
  • November 5 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Symposium Series - 4:00, Lecture Hall 4
    Coleen Murphy, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University
    Microbiome Bacterial Small RNAs Dictate Behavioral Choices and Transgenerational Inheritance in C. elegans
    (hosted by Carrie Adler)
  • November 11 (Monday) - Department of Molecular Medicine Work-In-Progress Series begins (see below)

December 2019
  • December 2 (Monday) - Work-in-Progress series (see below)
  • December 3 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Symposium Series, Lecture Hall 5
    Diana Bautista, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley
    Itchy and Scratchy: Neuroimmune Mechanisms Underlying Acute and Chronic Itch
    (hosted by Gunther Hollopeter)

Winter/Spring Work-In-Progress Series
4:00 pm Mondays in Lecture Hall 3, Veterinary Research Tower (unless otherwise noted)

November 2019
  • November 11
    Akira Karasawa (Kawate Lab) - Structure study of a P2X7 receptor
    Bhargav Sanketi (Kurpios Lab) - Signaling and mechanical feedback synchronize vertebrate midgut morphogenesis
  • November 18
    Michael Lukey (Cerione Lab) - Metabolic adaptation to nutrient restrictions in breast cancer
    Furkat Mukhtarov (Sevier Lab) -  Oxidative protein folding: A search for an alternative electron acceptor for Ero1
  • November 25
    Gwen Beacham (Hollopeter Lab) - C. elegans reveal a connection between AP2 and the tissue organizers MLT-4/inversin
    Maria Font (Sondermann Lab) - Investigation of systems reliant on cyclic dinucleotide signaling in bacteria
December 2019
  • December 2 - Postponed due to University closure
  • December 9
    Myfanwy Adams (Chappie Lab) - A crystal clear view of an aphid-transmitted plant virus: insights from the structure of the polerovirus readthrough protein
    Carolyn Kelly (Sondermann Lab) - Functional and structural characterization of the dynamin-related G protein atlastin
  • December 16
    William Katt (Cerione Lab) - C-Dots: Silica nanoparticles inhibit the growth of triple-negative breast cancer
    Justin Lormand (Sondermann Lab) - Unifying structural features in two distinct classes of diribonucleotidases
January 2020
  • January 6
    Shing Hu (Kurpios Lab)
  • January 13
    Divya Shiroor (Adler Lab) - Injury promotes stem cell survival in planarians
    Ed Partlow (Hollopeter Lab) - Structural mechanisms for regulation of the AP2 clathrin adaptor
  • January 20 - NO WIP, Martin Luther King Holiday
  • January 27
    Kai Sue Greene (Cerione Lab) - Understanding the function of cdc42-b in aging
    Erik Henze (Kawate Lab)
February 2020
  • February 3 - NO WIP, BBS Recruitment
  • February 10
    Tyler Rozanitis (Kawate Lab)
    Sekar Ramachandran (Cerione Lab) - Structures of protein complexes in vertebrate vision
  • February 17
    Phillip Nguyen (Kawate Lab) - Structural and functional characterization of the Ras palmitoyltransferase DHHC9-GCP16
    Ruizhi Li (Cerione Lab)
  • February 24
    Anthony Bui (Chappie Lab)
    Jillian Breault (Sevier Lab)
March 2020
  • March 2
    Cora Demler (Kurpios Lab)
    Erika Beyrent (Sevier Lab)
  • March 9
    Jenn Roscoe (Sevier Lab)
    Charles Savelle (Sondermann Lab)
  • March 16
    Tisha Bohr (Adler Lab) - Planarian stem cells recognize the identity of missing tissues to mount a targeted regenerative response
    Julio Sanchez (Cerione Lab)- A role for PI3K signaling in extracellular vesicle cargo sorting and production

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