The Department of Molecular Medicine hosts weekly seminars and research Work-in-Progress presentations throughout the year

Spring Seminar Series 2021
4:00 pm Mondays via Zoom

  • March 2 (Tuesday) 8:45 AM - BBS Signature Series Seminar - Zoom link
    Svante Päabo, Department of Evolutionary Genetics, Max Planck Institute
    Archaic Genomics
    (hosted by Praveen Sethupathy and Andy Clark)
  • March 22 (Monday)  - BBS Signature Series Seminar - Zoom link
    Kafui Dzirasa, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University School of Medicine
    Mapping Emotions: Discovering Structure in the Mesoscale Electrical Brain Recordings
    (hosted by Praveen Sethupathy)
  • March 29 (Monday) - Zoom Link
    Douglas Antczak, Baker Institute
    Molecular Pathways in Placental Development
    (hosted by Maurine Linder)
  • April 19 (Monday) - Zoom Link
    Akos Kenez, Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health, City University
    Sphingolipid Signaling in Metabolic Challenges Related to Inflammation and Insulin Dysregulation in Cattle and Horses
    (hosted by Maurine Linder and Mark Roberson)
  • April 27 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar - Zoom Link
    William Newsome, Department of Neurobiology, Neurosciences Institute at Stanford University
    Detecting Covert Cognitive States from Neural Population Recordings in Prefrontal Cortex
    (hosted by David Lin and Melissa Warden)
  • May 4 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar
    Ken Cadwell, Skirball Institute, NYU Grossman School of Medicine
    Host Adaptations to Microbial Diversity
    (hosted by John Parker)
  • May 25 (Tuesday) - BBS Signature Series Seminar
    Theresa Alenghat, Department of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children’s 
    (hosted by John Parker)

Fall/Winter Department Work-In-Progress Series
4:00 pm Mondays via Zoom

  • November 9 - Zoom Link
    Divya Shiroor (Adler Lab) - TBA
    Julio Sanchez (Cerione Lab) - The Tumor Suppressor PTEN Modulates PD-L1 in Glioblastoma Derived Extracellular Vesicles
  • November 16 - Zoom LInk

    Furkat Mukhtarov (Sevier Lab) - Oxidative protein folding: A search for an alternative electron acceptor for endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductin 1 (Ero1)
    Gwen Beacham (Hollopeter Lab) - C. elegans reveal a connection between the tissue organizers MLT-4/inversin and the clathrin adaptor AP2

  • November 23 - no WIP, Thanksgiving week

  • November 30 - Zoom Link
    Ian Malgapo (Linder Lab) - Characterization of the Acyl CoA Hydrolase activity of MBLAC2
    Shing Hu  (Kurpios Lab) - Asymmetric transcription factor Pitx2 regulates lacteal-associated smooth muscle and protects against fatty liver disease

  • December 7 - NO WIP
  • December 14 - Zoom Link
    Justin Lormand (Sondermann Lab) - Diribonucleotidase activity is a critical function in bacteria
    Shawn Milano (Cerione Lab) - Room temperature serial crystallography of human glutaminase bound with small molecule inhibitors
  • December 21 - NO WIP
  • January 4 - Zoom Link
    Ed Partlow (Hollopeter Lab) - TBA
    Cora Demler (Kurpios Lab) - Right and Center: Characterizing the asymmetric extracellular matrix of the dorsal mesentery and its effect on gut development
  • January 11 - Zoom Link
    Erika Beyrent (Hollopeter Lab) - Investigating the function of the inversin compartment homologs NEKL-2, MLT-2, and MLT-4 in C. elegans
    Elena Panizza (Cerione Lab) - Proteomic analysis reveals a mechanism of radiation resistance in glioma
  • January 18 - NO WIP – Martin Luther King Day
  • January 25 - Zoom Link
    Tyler Rozanitis (Kawate Lab)
    Tisha Bohr (Adler Lab)
  • February 1 - NO WIP – BBS Recruitment
  • February 8 - Zoom Link
    Phillip Nguyen (Kawate Lab)
    Ruizhi Li (Cerione Lab)
  • February 15 - Zoom Link
    Anthony Bui (Chappie Lab)
    Jillian Breault (Sevier Lab)
  • February 22 - Zoom Link
    Derek Wei (Hollopeter Lab) - TBA
    Jenn Roscoe (Sevier Lab) - TBA

MARCH 2021

  • March 1 - Zoom Link - MMWIP
    Bhargav Sanketi (Kurpios Lab) - Accelerator, Brake and Driver: Mechanical cooperation of signaling pathways in midgut laterality
    Kuang-Tse Wang (Adler) - Dissecting the molecular mechanism of pharynx regeneration in planarians
  • March 8 - Zoom Link - MMWIP
    Erik Henze (Kawate Lab) - TBA
    Brian Aguilera (Kurpios Lab) - TBA
  • March 15
    Myfanwy Adams (Chappie Lab) - TBA