The Department of Molecular Medicine hosts seminars and research Work-in-Progress presentations throughout the year

Fall/Winter Seminar Series 2022
4:00 pm  (Mondays, unless otherwise noted)

  • September 12 - Lecture Hall 4
    Daniel Dickinson, Department of Molecular Biosciences, University of Texas at Austin
    Cell polarity: From Molecules to Organoids
    (hosted by Gunther Hollopeter and Derek Wei)
  • October 24 - Lecture Hall 4
    Rick Baker, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    Structural insights into Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis
    (hosted by Gunther Hollopeter)
  • January 17 (Tuesday) - Lecture Hall 1
    Natasza Kurpios, Department of Molecular Medicine, Cornell University
    Adventures in Laterality: New Twists on How Pitx2 Governs Left-right Organ Asymmetry and Gut Absorptive Function
  • April 17 - Lecture Hall 3 
    Marc Antonyak, Department of Molecular Medicine, Cornell University
    Extracellular Vesicles in Biology and Disease
  • May 2 (Tuesday) - Lecture Hall 4, BBS Signature Seminar Series
    Robert Eisenman, Basic Sciences Division Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

    The MYC transcription factor network mediates both activation and suppression of oncogenesis
    (hosted by Volker Vogt and Robert Weiss)

2022/2023 Fall/Winter Department Work-In-Progress Series
4:00 pm Mondays Lecture Hall III, unless noted otherwise

  • November 7 - Classroom 6
    Myfanwy Adams  (Chappie Lab) - The crystal structure of lambda RexA provides novel insights into the DNA binding properties of Rex-like phage exclusion proteins
    Cora Demler (Kurpios Lab) - Left, Right, and Center: Characterizing the novel midline barrier during asymmetric gut development
  • November 14 - Classroom 6

    Shi Feng (Cerione Lab) - A possible mechanism for glutaminase activation
    Erika Beyrent (Hollopeter Lab) - Investigating the function of the Inversin complex

  • November 21 - Classroom 7

    Anthony Bui (Chappie Lab) - Applied research as a teaching tool for dairy production medicine while solving daily issues
    William Katt (Cerione Lab) - A promising new approach to treating canine oral cancer

  • November 28 - NO WIP

  • December 5 - NO WIP
  • December 12 - Classroom 6
    Matt Zanotelli (Cerione Lab) - Caught in the AKT: Dock7-AKT signaling activity in the transformation and survival of cancer cells under stress
    Derek Wei (Hollopeter Lab) - Investigating the ASPPs as protein phosphatase 1 regulators
  • December 19 - NO WIP
  • December 26 - NO WIP
  • January 2 - NO WIP
  • January 9 - Classroom 6
    Jenn Roscoe (Sevier Lab) - Investigating mechanisms redox sensing by the unfolded protein response
    Kuang Tse Wang (Adler Lab) - Delineating organ regeneration in planarians
  • January 16 - NO WIP: Martin Luther King Holiday
  • January 23 - Lecture Hall 3
    Brian Aguilera (Kurpios Lab) - Pitx2 regulates epithelial homeostasis and function in the postnatal intestine
    Jackie Ehrlich (Kawate Lab) - Towards the structure of an activated Pannexin
  • January 30 - NO WIP: BBS Recruitment
  • February 6 - Lecture Hall 3
    Jillian Breault (Sevier Lab) - Understanding the role of the co-chaperone Sil1 in proteostasis using a structure-based approach
    Justin Tapper (Adler Lab) - Establishing transgenics within Planaria
  • February 13 - Lecture Hall 3
    Yangyang Liu (Cerione Lab) Determining how cancer cell-derived extracellular vesicles impact the tumor microenvironment
  • Kayleigh Morrison (Hollopeter Lab) PARsing out the function of the inversin complex
  • February 20 - Lecture Hall 3
    Bhargav Sanketi (Kurpios Lab) Reconstructing the origin and assembly of intestinal muscles and lymphatics
    Sumanth Mosale (Sardana Lab) Understanding the molecular functions of cystinosin beyond cystine transport
  • February 27 - Lecture Hall 3
    Alexandra Hommer  (Sevier Lab) Cellular targeting and functions for the methionine sulfide reductases
    Jade Bowerman  (Sardana Lab) Investigating the role of Tvp18 in AP-1 mediated intra-Golgi recycling
MARCH 2023
  • March 6 - Lecture Hall 3
    Libby Huang (Kurpios Lab) The role of Pitx2 in the villus smooth muscle patterning and vascular barrier
    Julia Zhu (Sardan Lab) Uncovering the Role of the Yeast Homolog of CTNS in the Early Secretory Pathway
  • March 13 - Lecture Hall 3
    Sarah Codd (Kawate Lab)  Elucidating the function of Tweety (TTYH1) using C. elegans as a model organism
    Isabel Delo (Adler Lab)  The pharynx, a model for neural regeneration