Application Instructions

Application Tips

  • When you begin your VMCAS you are given a VMCAS ID number. Make sure you write this number down for future reference. 
  • You should start a Cornell Tracking Page as soon as possible.  This Tracking Page is how we communicate with you throughout the application cycle (and where your decision letter will be posted).
  • Make sure your eLors include at least one veterinarian and one advisor or faculty member. The third can be anyone of your choosing.  VMCAS requires at least three letters and will take up to six (note we will review all letters of reference); Guidelines for Evaluators
  • Make sure to: request transcripts sent directly from each of the colleges you attended to VMCAS by the deadline. This includes colleges you might have received credit during high school, a summer course at another institution (regardless if you received transfer credit), and your home institution.
  • If you are a New York State Resident you will need to complete a residency form. A link to this form to complete online will be found on your Cornell Tracking Page.
  • The Dean's Certification is required for admitted applicants to the Class of 2026 and those placed on the alternate list by March 15, 2022.  This is not due by September 15th.
  • We do not interview at Cornell.
  • GRE's, MCAT's, and the CASPer test are not used in our admissions process.
  • There is no extra Supplemental Application Fee- pay ONLY the VMCAS Application Fee.
  • We do not require Fall transcripts.
  • Questions? Contact us at

Deadline for VMCAS Application 
Class of 2026 (application process 2021-2022)

September 15, 2021
VMCAS has extended the deadline for applicants to the Class of 2026 to September 29, 2021 (11:59 pm)

  • VMCAS Application and VMCAS fee; there is no longer a supplemental application fee;
  • ALL college transcripts- if you attended a college /university you need to have an official transcript sent from that institution even if it transferred to your home college or university;
  • Minimally 3 electronic letters of reference (eLors); VMCAS will accept a maximum of 6;
  • Applicants who have course work at a college or university outside the US- including Canada (with the exception of Study Abroad) need to have their transcripts sent to an outside organization to have the credits and grades converted to the US system and sent to VMCAS. List of organizations;
  • AP Scores - College Code 4818.  Send scores directly from the College Board to us with a score of 4 or higher for General Chemistry and Physics;
  • If you are an international student and take the TOEFL, have your scores sent to us at College Code 1510;
  • If you are applying to our Combined DVM/PhD Program, indicate this when you set up your Cornell Tracking Page. You will then have a link on the Tracking Page that will lead to a separate section to complete as well as designate 3 additional letters of reference. Due by September 15, 2021. The VMCAS application has been extended to September 29, 2021.  This includes the Cornell Supplemental Section in the VMCAS as well as the Combined Degree application and evaluations.