External Scholarship Opportunities

To supplement our efforts to reduce student loan debt through the institutional gift aid, it is our expectation that all students applying for financial aid take an active role in limiting their borrowing by seeking outside scholarship opportunities.

Below is a listing of possible opportunities, however many other scholarships exist beyond those listed here. Students should look for scholarships from professional veterinary organizations in their home state, local groups such as kennel clubs, former employers or fraternal organizations, and organizations to which they belong such as student clubs, religious organizations, and sororities/ fraternities. 

While we screen these listings to eliminate any offers that do not appear to be legitimate, students should review all scholarship information carefully. Never pay money to apply for a scholarship or other funding opportunity.

Additional resources identified at any time after submitting the financial aid application(s) must be promptly reported to the Financial Aid Office. If an offer of financial aid has already been made, it will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary to ensure that total resources do not exceed calculated need. Receipt of outside scholarships or loans will first cause any unsubsidized loans in the student's package to be reduced, then campus-based loans would be reduced by any remaining over award amount.

All scholarship and grant funds received in excess of amounts used for payment of tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment are considered taxable income for U.S. income tax purposes. It is the students' responsibility to report this income on the tax return.

Scholarship Who Can Apply Due Date
AVMF 2nd Opportunity Research Scholarship All DVM students seeking their second summer of research experience 1/11/23
Ride and Tie Association Jim Steere Memorial Veterinary Scholarship All DVM Students 1/15/23
Frances A. and Joseph B. Levy Family Scholarship Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Year Jewish DVM Students 1/26/23
AAVMC Dr. Catherine A. Knupp Scholarship All DVM Students 2/1/23
SAVMA Second Chance Grant DVM students who are/were on academic probation, remediating, or in the process of appealing 2/5/23
Theriogenology Foundation 4th Year Members of SFT 2/13/23
SAVMA Health and Disability Scholarship SAVMA members with mental illness, learning disability, physical disability, or chronic disease 2/15/23
DVMA/Merck Animal Health Student Scholarship 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year Delaware residents 3/1/23
Oxbow Animal Health Exotics Interest Scholarship DVM students interested in exotic animal medicine 3/1/23
American Kennel Club (AKC) All DVM students with a background in purebred dogs and AKC events or research. Applications should be submitted directly to vetfinaid@cornell.edu 3/15/23
Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarship (via AVMF) 2nd & 3rd year current or former New Jersey residents 3/15/23
LGBTQ+ Wellbeing Grant Individuals or clubs involved with the LGBTQ+ community 3/15/23
Aurora Pharmaceutical DVM Student Scholarship Program 3rd year DVM students 3/17/23
EveryCat Health Foundation/American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Scholarships 3rd & 4th year DVM students 3/17/23
Steve Marton Veterinary Student Scholarship 2nd & 3rd year DVM students 3/27/23
Academy of Veterinary Consultants Foundation (AVCF) 2nd & 3rd year DVM students interested in beef cattle practice 3/31/23
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (AHVMF) Grants & Scholarships All DVM students 4/12/23
American Veterinary Medical History Society (AVMHS) All DVM Students 4/15/23
American Association of Equine Practitioners(AAEP)/Foundation for the Horse Scholarships Four different scholarships offered to rising 3rd year DVM students interested in equine medicine 4/15/23
Somerset Hills Kennel Club and Central NJ Hound Association Scholarship 3rd & 4th year New Jersey residents interested in canine medicine. 4/30/23
Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program All DVM graduates committed to providing veterinary services in a designated veterinary shortage area for at least three years 4/30/23
NDVMA Scholarship & Merrill J. Reinhiller Memorial Scholarship All DVM students who are North Dakota residents 5/1/23
Coyote Rock Ranch Scholarship Rising 4th year DVM students interested in equine medicine 5/5/23
Additional AVMF Scholarships 7 additional opportunities for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd year DVM students with various interests and backgrounds 5/15/23
Hamel Family Scholarship for Further Education All higher education student USHJA members 5/15/23
American Association of Boving Practitioners (AABP) Amstutz Scholarship 2nd & 3rd year DVM students interested in bovine medicine 5/31/23
AABP Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Award Sponsored by Merck Animal Health 2nd & 3rd year DVM students interested in bovine medicine 5/31/23
Francis Welome Future Dairy Practicioner Scholarship 3rd year DVM students interested in bovine medicine 5/31/23
The Zoetis Foundation/AABP Foundation Scholarship Rising 4th year DVM students interested in bovine medicine 5/31/23
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America (PWCCA) Years of active involvement in the sport of dogs and involved with Pembroke Welsh Corgis 6/1/23
Wilson-Hooper Veterinary Medicine Assistance Program All DVM students that are an enrolled member or a descendant of a federally-recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaska Native group. 6/1/23
Dr. Gregory D. Bossart Memorial One Health Scholarship All DVM Students working on One Health research project


NDCF Veterinary Medicine Scholarship DVM students graduated from a North Dakota High School 6/15/23
Tom & Ruth Bettenhausen Scholarship DVM students graduated from a North Dakota High School 6/15/23
Tom and Ruth Bettenhausen Scholarship & Dr. Roger E. Meisner Scholarship All DVM students who are North Dakota residents 6/15/23
HSVMA Compassionate Care Veterinary Student Scholarships 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year DVM students 6/30/23
New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association $1000 Minimum Scholarship for New Hampshire Resident Students 6/30/23
VVMAF Scholarship 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year Vermont residents 6/30/23
AAFSPHV Lafontaine Memorial Scholarship All DVM students with an emphasis on food safety and public health 7/30/23
Cavalier Trail Riding Club All DVM Students with equine interest 7/31/23
The AKC Humane Fund John D. Spurling OBE Scholarship All DVM students 7/31/23
Walkin' Pets All DVM students 7/31/23
Teddy Sarna Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Program All DVM students 8/31/23
The NYCAVMA Tiekert Educational Scholarship All DVM students 9/1/23
World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Michael J. Day Scholarship Research grant available to all DVM students 9/3/23
Long Island Veterinary Medical Association All DVM student residents of Long Island 10/15/23
American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) Foundation Scholarships Many scholarships available to all DVM students interested in avian medicine 11/1/23
Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship Program (via AVMF) 2nd & 3rd year DVM students 12/1/23
Veterinary Scholarship Trust of New England (VSTONE) Scholar Award 4th Year New England Residents 12/1/23
American Pointer Club (APC) Veterinary Scholarship 3rd & 4th Year Students 12/22/23
The Randolph & Aline Higgins Scholarship 3rd & 4th Year New Jersey Residents 12/22/23
American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Scholarship Program Multiple scholarships for students with equine interest. 1/15/24
Animal Care PA Veterinary Student Scholarship 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year Pennsylvania residents 1/31/24
PVMA + Animal Care PA Young Leadership Scholarship 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year Pennsylvania residents demonstrating leadership 1/31/24
U.S. Army The U.S. Army Veterinary Corps offers a full-tuition scholarship, plus a monthly allowance, in exchange for military training and reserve service. ongoing
Candace Mast Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Fund Female DVM student residents of East Tennessee TBD
Joel M. Woolfson Memorial Scholarship 4th year DVM students & veterinary surgery or shelter medicine interns from New England TBD
The Theresa and Allen Thomas BIPOC Education Fund 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year DVM students TBD
Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association Scholarships All DVM student residents of Nebraska varies
SAVMA Awards & Scholarships Many opportunities for SAVMA members to support education, externships, and wellbeing varies