Combined DVM/PhD Pathway Program

What is the Combined DVM/PhD Pathway Program?

The Combined DVM/PhD Pathway Program integrates the veterinary and graduate curricula. It allows you to complete both degrees in less time than it would to do them independently. The program enables you to bring a basic science approach to the veterinary training, and leads to careers in academia, industry, and government service.

If you are interested in research, but not the Combined DVM/PhD Pathway Program, explore other Research & Training Opportunities.

What You Need to Apply

  • Fill a VMCAS application.
    • Complete both the VMCAS application, plus the embedded Cornell supplemental section.
    • The VMCAS application becomes available late January with supplemental sections embedded in the VMCAS available mid-May.
    • Complete the added section that collects additional information about your research.
  • Request that official transcripts from all the colleges or universities you attended are sent directly to VMCAS.
    • This includes college credits you received in high school, a summer course at another institution (regardless if you received transfer credit), and your home institution.

    • VMCAS does NOT accept transcripts that are sent by the student or a third party.

    • Transcripts have to be sent by the colleges or universities where you took courses, even if some of your courses transferred and appear on another institution's transcript.

  • Three letters of evaluation (a maximum of four), with at least one from a veterinarian and one from an academic advisor or college professor) for the VMCAS application.
  • Three additional letters from research mentors or individuals who have a personal knowledge of your research activities sent through the Cornell tracking page.
  • Indicate you are applying for the DVM/PhD pathway program when setting up your Cornell Tracking Page.
  • If your application is accepted or you are placed on an alternate/waitlist, you will need to provide a Dean's Certification form (see Requirements).

Additional details are available on the Biomedical and Biological Sciences (BBS) PhD program page.