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Why Cornell?
Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine

Our Support System

Help at Every Step

We use a community-based approach to support your learning journey, with programs available to help you at every stage of the curriculum — from acclimating to your first semester to adjusting to the busy demands of fourth-year clinical work. 

Learning Communities Program

First-year students gather in small groups with a faculty mentor for lunchtime discussions on topics such as work-life balance, optimizing learning efficiencies, and managing professional stress.

Academic Coaching

This program allows students to make one-on-one appointments with a trained faculty coach to help hone study, time-management, and test-taking skills.

Faculty Advisors

All our incoming students are assigned faculty advisors who serve as a source of support and guidance for their students. Clinical pathway advisors advise on elective course selections, clinical rotations, and off-campus learning experiences based on career goals.

Peer Mentors

Second- or third-year students act as peer mentors to incoming first-year students, assisting them in adjusting to life at the college and offering advice based on their personal experience.

faculty member advising a student

Professor coaching a student

The Office of Student and Academic Services

Our fully staffed Office of Student and Academic Services provides a wealth of resources to help make your academic experience pleasant, positive, and productive. Student Services is there to help answer questions, advise on educational choices, and assist in career planning.

Student Disability Services

The college provides reasonable accommodations for students with qualifying disabilities who are admitted to the DVM program. The accommodations apply to classroom and examination situations and activities in on-campus clinical learning environments such as the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

Confidential Counseling

Confidential counseling services are available at the college to all students through Cornell Health. Diverse approaches to personal problem resolution, including short-term psychotherapy, crisis intervention, stress management training, and academic counseling are used. Long-term therapy and psychotherapy can be arranged for those in need of these services. 

The Dean's Leaders Program

This program reflects our college's commitment to enhance the diversity of DVM students, promote academic readiness, and encourage professional success. The program enhances student success and confidence through academic readiness, leadership skills, and professional competence. This will be accomplished through community-building, well-being support and mentorship, along with academic, professional, and leadership development. 

The Dean’s Leaders Program is available on a competitive basis to DVM students who have applied for and been offered fall admission.

Read testimonials and look at the activities on the Dean's Leaders Program page.

Students from the dean's leaders program