The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

How many seats for transfer students are available every year?

This will number vary, and there may be years when no seats are available. Please contact the admissions office at vet_admissions@cornell.edu for more information about the upcoming year.

What class year will I transfer into Cornell’s DVM degree program?

The second year of study. Depending upon the courses you have taken and how they correspond to our curriculum, you may transfer in at the beginning of the second year of study, or mid-way through the second year, at the beginning of the fourth (Spring) semester of study. Credit will not be given for more than three semesters of study.

Will I need to complete all the undergraduate prerequisite courses?

Yes, you will need to present all the documents and meet the criteria of a first-year applicant. This includes all undergraduate prerequisite courses, GRE or MCAT scores, and veterinary and animal experiences with evaluations. You will also need to present a letter from your dean or associate dean certifying that you are in good academic standing, have not been on academic probation, and have not been subject to any disciplinary action or dismissal for any reason.

Is there a special application to complete?

Yes. Along with the application you will need to have official transcripts sent from all colleges you have attended, GRE scores from the Educational Testing Service, a letter from the dean or associate dean at your veterinary college, and evaluations from your veterinary and animal experiences. New York State residents will also need to complete the NYS Residency form.

What will you need me to send from my College of Veterinary Medicine?

Along with the letter from the dean or associate dean, you must provide an official copy of your transcripts along with copies of the syllabi for each of the courses you have taken.