Farrier Program

Farrier ProgramThe College of Veterinary Medicine is proud to offer two courses in Farrier Program: the General Farrier Short Course and the Advanced Farrier Course. The program is housed in the Equine Hospital of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Participants will experience daily interaction with veterinarians and the resident Farrier Program working on in-patient lameness cases. Horses are also referred directly to the Farrier Shop from outside veterinarians for the application of special shoes. Both courses are taught by Cornell's resident Farrier Program. The program also provides an excellent instructor-student ratio of 1:3, allowing for close individual instruction.

Back in the days when everyone needed a horse, Cornell's first Farrier Program, Henry Asmus, was a high-ranking member of the faculty. The State of New York built an entire building for his program, which was started in 1913 and soon recognized as a premier training course. The building still stands on Garden Avenue, the leftmost of the three brick buildings lined up to the right of Barton Hall, and is now occupied by the School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

Farrier Application