Farrier Program: Available Courses

The College of Veterinary Medicine is proud to offer two courses in farriery. The program is housed in the Equine Hospital of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

A non-refundable $400.00 application and appointment fee will be due at the time you are accepted into the program.

Farrier Application

Acceptance is probationary during the first two weeks of the program. Satisfactory performance and adherence to the Guidelines for the Farrier Program, as outlined on a separate page in the application package, will allow the participant to complete the course. 

Applicants for admission to the Farrier Program will be accepted up to 60 days prior to the beginning of the next session. Notification of acceptance will be sent approximately 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the next session. 

Preference is given to those who have a demonstrated history and a proven desire to make working with horses their profession. 

Due to limited facilities, only 3 applicants may be accepted for each 16-week program and there is no waiting list. If the applicant is not accepted, the applicant may reapply. Accommodations and transportation are the responsibility of the participant. 

General Farrier Course

Course Description:

This course is designed for persons with a demonstrated interest in farriery who have independently acquired some of the basic skills of the farrier trade.

The 16-week program provides participants with practical knowledge of related anatomy, fundamental aspects of shoeing and fabrication of shoes.

Three sessions are offered each year beginning in January, late April/early May, and late August/early September. Upcoming session dates are: Fall 2022 - August 29, 2022 through December 16, 2022 (session is full) and Spring 2023 - January 3, 2023 throught April 21, 2023 The time schedule for each 16-week session with 40 hours per week of course work is as follows:

  • 25 hrs in anatomy of the horse's foot
  • 30 hrs in theory of therapeutic shoeing
  • 385 hrs of forge work
  • 200 hrs in trimming feet, fitting and nailing shoes


Farriery is a physically demanding profession. Applicants must be able to lift 75 pounds and be in reasonable physical condition for the work.

References and a written statement as to why you are interested in participating in the Farrier Program also must be included in the application. 

A personal interview with the instructor is required prior to acceptance. This may be in person or by phone and is the applicant's responsibility to arrange. 

It is the responsibility of each participant to provide themselves with the following equipment necessary to participate in the course:

Steel toed shoes, apron, safety glasses and hearing protection, driving hammer, rounding hammer, hoof knife, tongs, shoe puller, E-head stamp, 2 pritchels, hoof nippers, rasps with handles, pull offs, fuller (creaser), clinchers, clinch block, clinch cutter

PROOF OF CURRENT HEALTH INSURANCE IS REQUIRED upon acceptance. The participant must provide documentation of current health insurance coverage while enrolled in the program. Documentation must be provided when the deposit is paid upon acceptance. A copy of the valid insurance card clearly showing name, effective date and expiration date or a letter from the insurance company stating that coverage will be in effect for the duration of the program will be accepted as proof.

Program Fee:

General Farrier Course and program fee is $8000.00. A deposit of $4000.00 is required within two weeks of notification of acceptance. The remaining balance of $4000.00 is due prior to the program start date.

A non-refundable application & processing fee of $400 will be charged at the time you are accepted into the program.  This fee will be paid online via Flywire:

Advanced Farrier Course

Course Description:

A one-week course is available to practicing farriers with at least two years of experience and to active veterinarians interested in the latest advances in farriery techniques. This course will also provide advanced training for those interested in pursuing certification through the American Farriers' Association.

Scheduling and availability for this program is flexible and is determined by the instructor in cooperation with the applicant. Space is limited. The advanced program runs concurrently with the 16 week farrier program.

Program fee for this one-week course is $500.00. Please email and complete the application for further details.


References and a written statement as to why you are interested in participating in the Farrier Program also must be included in the application. 

A personal interview with the instructor is required prior to acceptance. This may be in person or by phone and is the applicant's responsibility to arrange. 

Pokorney Scholarships for Farrier participants - Fall courses only

In memory of Doug Pokorney, an endowed fund to benefit participants in the General Farrier Short Course has been established, providing full program fees support for one participant for one course. After serving in the U.S. Navy, Doug shod horses for over 40 years specializing in Morgan and Arabian Show horses. 

Participants applying for the fall 16-week General Farrier Short Course may submit an application for the Douglas J. Pokorney Farrier participant Fund. To be eligible for funding, participants must submit their application and financial requirements by June 1 for the fall 16-week course. Participants applying for the scholarship should include a written explanation indicating why the applicant wishes to take the course, experience with horses, equine foot care and the farrier trade and hopes for using this knowledge in the future.

Participants interested in applying for the Douglas J. Pokorney Farrier participant Fund must also submit a completed Financial Worksheet along with the most recent copy of the applicant’s tax forms, W2(s) and household information, and a statement about why the applicant is requesting financial assistance.  A personal interview with the committee is required. A deposit of $1,000 upon arrival to the program is required and will be refunded upon successful completion of the course, including satisfactory attendance.  A mid-course review will be provided by the farrier.

A determination of financial need for all applicants admitted to the program will be made by the Director of Veterinary Financial Aid (or the equivalent position) and Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA) leadership based on the cost of the course minus the family contribution available.  The recipient will be notified by the committee.  Only one award will be given per year in the fall term. 

Preference will be given to an applicant who demonstrates financial need, then to any applicant who has served in the armed forces.  Female applicants are encouraged to apply. 

In addition to providing a full scholarship for the General Farrier Course, the Douglas J. Pokorney Farrier Fund provides small grants for tools and living expenses.