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Feline Health Screening - Cornell Veterinary Biobank and Feline Health Center


Dr. Isabel Hernandez and Dr. Marta Castelhano of the Cornell Veterinary Biobank in collaboration with the Cornell Feline Health Center are conducting a screening of healthy senior cats that can serve as controls for several genetic diseases. 

ELIGIBILITY: Cats need to be 10 years of age or older and have been recently deemed in good health from a veterinarian.  All healthy pure breed and Domestic Short and Long Hair cats are eligible. Cats under 10 years of age or who have not been deemed in good health by a veterinarian recently are excluded. 

COMPENSATION: The study pays for a physical exam, a (fasted) blood sample for various blood tests, a urinalysis, and echocardiogram, consultations with various departments around the hospital, and, if the patient qualifies, a CT scan. Other tests or procedures required as part of patient care not covered by the screening will be the responsibility of the owner.

OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES: The screening will last two days with the first day consisting of the exams, consultations, and blood work. If the screenings on the first day deem the patient to be a good candidate for sedation, and the owner is interested in pursuing the CT scan, the patient will return the following day.

CONTACT/SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: For questions on qualifications or for more information on what's involved with the study email Dr. Hernandez or Dr. Castelhano at

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