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Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs and Horses

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Regenerative medicine therapies for musculoskeletal and neurological diseases, including the application of mesenchymal stem cells, have the potential to improve function and comfort in patients by altering the target environment through cell signaling and other immunomodulatory effects.  Such therapies are promising for these patients, particularly those not amenable to traditional medications or require more control of their disease.

This long-term study aims to track the efficacy and safety of stem cell therapies used to treat a variety of nerve and musculoskeletal conditions. Stem cell therapy has the potential to regenerate tissue as well as mediate healing and inflammation. The ultimate goal is to help animals recover from injuries faster or more completely, and to reduce discomfort. The trial aims to help dogs and horses recover from injuries faster and with limited pain, and to advance musculoskeletal treatment for all species including humans.

Eligibility: Dogs or horses seen by the Cornell University Hospital for Animals or other veterinarians with a diagnosis of most neurological or musculoskeletal conditions may qualify.

Compensation: The owner covers costs related to the stem cell extraction, testing and implementation.

Owner responsibilities: Either you or your primary veterinarian may refer your dog or horse to us to participate in this trial. We will collect tissue at Cornell University Hospital for Animals or work with primary veterinarians to help them collect necessary tissue for stem cell isolation and expansion in our laboratory. Once the stem cell product is prepared, it may be applied to your dog or horse at Cornell or by your referring veterinarian. Follow up with pain and function surveys are required before and at several time points after stem cell product application.

Principal Investigators: 

for dogs - Chris Frye, DVM, DACVSMR

for horses - Aimee Colbath, VMD, MS, DACVS-LA

Contact/Schedule an Appointment: If you have a dog you think may be eligible please call CUHA for an appointment at 607.253.3060.

If you have a horse you think may be eligible please call the Equine Hospital for an appointment at 607.253.3100.