Equine Seminar Series


The Cornell Equine Hospital and Cornell Cooperative Extension are proud to host the Equine Seminar Series. These monthly virtual talks are presented by equine experts on important equine health and management topics.

The seminars are free to attend and open to the public. We hope you will join us and other equine enthusiasts for this exciting learning opportunity.

Equine Seminar Series Spring 2024

Thank you for joining us for our Spring 2024 seminar series! We have an exciting semester of presentations ahead.

All begin at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and are conducted via Zoom

Callum Donnelly

Our next seminar is Tuesday, Feb. 20.

32 and You: An Owner's Guide to Genetic Tests in Horses.

Presented by Dr. Callum Donnelly

Interested in your horses genetic health, but not quite sure where to begin? Join our upcoming seminar where you will learn about the kind of tests offered, how to interpret genetic tests and what the future holds for genetics as a tool in your horse's health. 

Dr. Donnelly received his veterinary degree from Charles Sturt University in Australia. Dr Donnelly is both specialist in reproductive medicine (Cornell 2016) and internal medicine (UC Davis 2019), and holds a PhD in integrative pathobiology from the University of California, Davis. Dr Donnelly’s thesis work focused on genomic and precision medicine as part of the Pioneer 100 Horse Health Project. Dr Donnelly currently serves as a faculty member in the reproductive medicine section. Dr Donnelly’s clinical practice and research efforts are focused on maternal fetal health and medical genetics, helping to manage healthy and problem pregnancies, and providing advanced care for babies before they are born.

All attendees must register via Zoom here. Once registered, a link to join will be sent to you, including a reminder 1 hour prior. You must join from your personal link.

Upcoming seminars

Tuesday, Feb. 20 "32 and you: An owners guide to genetic tests in horses." presented by Dr. Callum Donnelly (Cornell CVM)
Tuesday, March 19 "Equine Gastrointestinal Parasites" presented by Dr. Elisha Frye (Cornell CVM)
Tuesday, April 16 "Mud Management on Horse Farms" presented by Ken Estes Jr (Cornell Cooperative Extension) and Steve Kraus (Cornell CVM)
Tuesday, May 21

“A veterinary technician’s point of view: Caring for your horse at Cornell’s Equine Hospital” presented by Jlynn Meyer (Cornell CVM)

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