Dear Sharon and Staff, "Wow" how great you are!  Swift service and great care.  Thank-you so very much!  Sincerely, (B & K, client and pet)

Pharmacy crew, Thank-you everyone for your hard work.  I will miss you all. (H.E., DVM resident)

We would like to thank you for your generous donation to the SCAVMA auction.  We sincerely appreciate your support in sending students to SAVMA symposium in the spring.  Thank you again (the SCAVMA auction team and Cornell Vet student body)

Dear Danielle, Thank you so much for your help.  (B & K, client and owner)

To all the Pharmacy Folks, You fill requests on a moment’s notice + stay late to fill things when the request goes in 3 minutes before you close.  Thank you! For all the smiles and friendly advice, Thank you!  I don’t think you hear that enough….So thanks! (M.M. DVM resident)

Thank you for this year, it was great working with the whole pharmacy team!  (M-A. G., DVM intern)

Thanks for all of the help - I don't know if people tell you guys often enough but your whole group is so helpful, friendly and great to work with. thanks for all – (N.I., DVM)

The preceptors had a great experience once again with you guys in pharmacy. It offers them a unique experience and a great educational opportunity to spend time with you. I can't thank you enough for taking them and doing such a great job with them. (L.B., LVT)

Thank-you to the very nice people who made sure my medicine arrived on the 17th, in record time! You are the very best. Thank-you !!  Your pal, Max (M.H., Yorkie patient)

Cara – Thank-you so much for helping Lizzy get her anti-seizure med. She now has a Vet who will provide her (and me) with compassionate care. (P.T., pet owner)

Thank-you for taking great care of me! (Zak, patient)

To the best pharmacy team – thank-you for keeping my patients feeling good and for your support of hospice care for our beloved animals! (K.G., DVM)

Dear Sharon, Thank-you so very, very much. Katie was on tablets for 3 1/2 days. It does affect her but she is coming back a little at a time. Thank-you for taking the time to call me and leave a message. I truly mean it when I say all is well when I hear your voice. Thank-you. (B.W., client and Baby Katie, patient)

Dear Mary and CUHA Pharmacy, Thank-you so much for welcoming me into your pharmacy for the past 5 weeks. Not only did I learn a TON, but I had a great time doing so - you were all so kind and patient with all of my questions! I look forward to taking all of the new things I learned & using them as a professional practicing pharmacist. Thanks again for EVRYTHING! (T.A., pharmacy student)

Thank-you so much for helping out and taking the time to help carry her things out today and all the other times you’ve helped her and Teak. (R.P., pet owner)

Dear Sharon, We are sending you a fuzzy, cuddly hug…… Thank-you from our “happy hearts” for all of your help and caring.  Most Sincerely. (B.W., pet owner)

Dear Sharon,  For giving of your time, your energy, yourself, many thanks.  Katie and I are grateful to you.  Thank-you so much for all your help.  Affectionately. (B.W., and Baby Katie, pet owner and pet)

Just wanted to give you a Lizzy update!  She’s still on her anti-seizure meds!! She’s a happy girl.  I feel she has beat the odds and I’m so grateful for people like you, who really cared about her while at Cornell.   Love Lizzy (P.T., pet owner)