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Cornell Ruffian Ophthalmology


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CRES is well staffed with experienced doctors and specialists in ophthalmology to handle both emergency and chronic ophthalmological conditions. CRES clinicians head up the service through the internal medicine department and manage the ophthalmic patients. Dr. Noelle La Croix, a specialist in veterinary ophthalmology works on advanced cases and is available for ophthalmic surgery including corneal surgery, cyst laser ablation, and cyclosporine implant placement at the hospital. Specialists in equine ophthalmology at Cornell University, Ithaca are also available for consultation on cases.  

CRES is well equipped to perform complete ophthalmological examinations including corneal cytology and culture, corneal debridement, subpalpebral lavage (SPL) system placement and maintenance, intraocular pressure measurement and surgical procedures.  

Conditions routinely managed at CRES include:

  • Corneal ulceration (ulcerative keratitis; melting ulcer) - intensive medical management as well as advanced surgical repair
  • Non-healing ulcers - medical management, diamond burr keratectomy, contact lens placement
  • Trauma - eyelid laceration, corneal laceration, blunt globe trauma
  • Equine recurrent uveitis (Moon Blindness) - medical management and cyclosporine implant placement
  • Glaucoma - medical management, intraocular laser ablation
  • Corpora nigra cyst - laser ablation
  • Immune-mediated keratitis (IMMK) and eosinophilic keratitis (EK) - both medical and surgical treatments
  • Periocular neoplasm - surgical debulking/excision, cisplatin, electrochemotherapy

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