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Cornell Ruffian Senior Horse Health

Dr. Sam Hurcombe listens to a horse with his stethoscope

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Just like us, as our horse companions enter the twilight years, their health care needs change. They may have less energy, they might drop their food when they eat, or their vision might seem to be going. Just like ourselves, arthritis and joint pain can affect their quality of life and they may even develop cancer. Our senior horses have unique medical needs, and at CRES we’re here to ensure your horse companion has a full and healthy life by providing thorough and compassionate care.

We offer a comprehensive, tailored health program designed to meet the needs of your seasoned horse now and in the future. Our specialists work together to deliver advanced diagnostics, treatment and preventative care unique to senior horses. Whether your horse needs advanced dental care, vision or general wellness, we are well equipped to diagnose simple and complicated medical problems common to your aging companion. Our goal is to develop a management plan to optimize your horses’ health so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Specialty services for senior horses may include:

  • Complete wellness examination including basic assessment all vital signs and evaluation of any obvious lumps and bumps (cancer screen).
  • Evaluation of your horses’ heart including conditions causing skipped beats or murmurs.
  • Arthritis checks – older horses are often stiff or appear sore. We can offer several solutions for improving the comfort in your horse.
  • Weight and body condition checks and hormone testing. Seasoned horses commonly have hormonal conditions that can affect their well-being. Through advanced laboratory testing, we provide an accurate assessment of your horses’ hormone balance and offer a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Dental disease is common in older horses as their teeth wear and age. We offer advanced dentistry to keep your horse able to eat comfortably and maintain good body condition.
  • Nutritional analysis specific to seasoned horses – the older horses’ ability to effectively digest hays and grains changes over time. We can develop a comprehensive nutrition plan that is balanced and takes into account any concurrent conditions they may have.
  • We offer advanced cancer care including surgical and non-surgical options for various tumors in the skin, around the eyes and even internally.
  • We offer advanced pain management. As your horse ages, they can develop conditions associated with chronic pain such as arthritis, founder and cancer. We believe in compassionate care and can offer pain management solutions to keep your companion comfortable for as long as is needed.

At CRES, we harness the wealth of expertise among specialists in internal medicine, critical care, surgery, regenerative medicine, dentistry and pain management into our Senior Horse Health program to provide you and your senior horse with timely and tailored care to achieve optimum health for a long life.

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