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Regenerative Therapies

Person riding a horse going over a jump.

Meet Our Specialists

The Cornell University Hospital for Animals is a world-wide leader in Regenerative Medicine, a method for enhancing a horse's natural healing abilities to repair injured tissue. Our specialists are nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in this field who pioneered the use of these therapies. Horses from across the northeast United States come to Cornell to receive treatment from our team. 

Our service offers advanced diagnostic techniques and cutting-edge treatments, including both stem cell and platelet-rich plasma treatments in conjunction with more traditional orthopedic treatment options. 

We work in a collaborative environment that brings together a diverse group of veterinary specialty services including Anesthesiology, Farrier Services, Imaging and Clinical Nutrition to provide comprehensive veterinary care for your horse.

    Treatment options

    • Stem cell treatments
    • Platelet-rich plasma treatments

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