I attended college at the State University of New York at Oswego. I received my BS degree in Biology in 1992. After graduating, I started working for a small company utilizing ultrasound technology to develop faster ways to estimate fat and loin thickness of pigs prior to processing. After about a year, I decided that I wanted to get into more research and started working at Cornell for the Agriculture School inĀ one of the research farms. I worked there for several years before transferring to the Clinical Sciences department in the Cornell Veterinary College. I work on the Hepatitis Research project under the direction of Dr. Bud Tennant for 10 years, first in the animal unit and then in the research lab. I then had the wonderful opportunity to change my whole scope of research and was given the chance to work for Dr. Davisson as her Laboratory Manager.

As Laboratory Manager, my role is to oversee the lab and maintain the colony of research animals. We currently have 15 mouse lines that we maintain as well as a large colony of C57/Bl6 mice. Several of the transgenic lines need to be genotyped. I was given the opportunity to become involved in Dr. Davisson's pre-eclampsia research and developed a cell culture assay using HUVEC cells to determine angiogenic potential of mouse serum. I am currently working on gathering gestational data on other mouse lines to determine possible future research. In addition to my responsibilities as Lab Manager, I also am learning surgical techniques and will become more involved in the neuronal research as well.