About Us


College Vision Statement

To lead, enable and inspire others to attain a healthier world for animals and people.

Well-being Program Mission

Through proactive programming, education and evidence-based initiatives, the Well-being Program supports and develops the individual and community well-being of faculty, staff and students at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Meet the Director

Kate Buckley
Kate Buckley '01. Photo: Carol Jennings/CVM

In February 2022, Kate Buckley ’01 joined the College of Veterinary Medicine as the community’s well-being program director. In this role, Buckley creates and promotes initiatives that support the well-being of the college and its community of students, faculty, staff, interns and residents.

Buckley has a bachelor’s degree from Cornell in human development, with a focus on human bonding and developmental, adolescent and abnormal psychology. Her M.Ed. from Harvard University is in higher education, specifically student development and the economics and history of higher education. She hopes to build on the foundation of initiatives already established at the college and help foster an academic and work environment that actively encourages well-being at the individual and institutional level. Buckley also has a background in personal training and enjoys helping others unearth and leverage their unique strengths.

With a growth-mindset at play, outside of CVM, she can often be found trying new forms of exercise, testing recipes in the kitchen or attempting to revive her artistic side.

Well-being Committee Members

Meet the members of the CVM Well-being Committee.

  • Dr. Carrie Adler, Department of Molecular Medicine
  • Dr. Jordyn Boesch, Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Kate Buckley, Well-being Program Director
  • Dr. Katelyn Carney, Educational Support Services
  • Dr. Melanie Greaver Cordova, Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Dr. Ricardo de Matos, Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Aliyah Diamond, D.V.M. Class of 2023
  • Arla Hourigan, Office of Graduate Education
  • Brian Imbiakha, Biomedical and Biological Sciences Ph.D. Program
  • Hector Loyola Irizarry, Biomedical and Biological Sciences Ph.D. Program
  • Cheng Ma, D.V.M. Program, SAVMA mental health representative
  • Lauren Mabry, Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library
  • Dr. Paul Maza, Department of Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Sophie Nelissen, Department of Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Lara Parrilla, Masters of Public Health Program
  • Dr. Gillian Perkins, Cornell University Hospital for Animals
  • Dr. Melanie Ragin, Office of Inclusion and Academic Excellence
  • Maison Scheuer, D.V.M. Program, SAVMA mental health representative
  • Dr. Brittany Schlesener, Cornell University Hospital for Animals
  • Alison Smith, Alumni Affairs and Development
  • Lindsey Snell, Cornell University Hospital for Animals
  • Dr. Jai Sweet, Office of Student and Academic Services
  • Christie Williams, Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Contact Us

Have an idea or suggestion for the committee? Want to provide feedback on recent events or webinars? You can email us at CVMWellbeing@cornell.edu anytime.

A collage of multiple wellbeing committee members, some with their pets.
A few members of the CVM Well-being Committee. Top row from left: Dr. Sophie Nelissen with cat Fuli; Dr. Paul Maza with dog Ellie; Dr. Melanie Greaver Cordova; Dr. Jordyn Boesch. Bottom row from left: Dr. Kelly Hume's cat Pavel; Dr. Carrie Adler; Kate Buckley's family dog.