Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing involves managing short and long-term goals for our personal finances to reduce stress and build towards financial security and stability. Create budgets, and be actively engaged in managing your loans, investments, taxes, and expenses. Seek out financial knowledge and resources that will help you accomplish your goals over your entire lifetime.

How to enhance Financial Wellbeing:

  • Create a monthly budget to help you live within your means. Reassess as your situation changes.

  • Manage your finances for both the short and long-term. Develop a plan to manage emergency expenses.

  • Be mindful of what emotions or situations trigger your negative spending habits.

  • Keep organized records that you can refer back to when identifying spending patterns throughout the year.

  • Don't ignore a problem until it is too late! Identify potential problems before they start and use your resources to make a plan.

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Student loan debt can be an overwhelming stressor. Taking time to keep up with your financial responsibilities will help you to avoid the anxiety and fear that comes with the unknown. Focusing on your financial wellbeing now is an investment toward achieving your future goals.

Cornell and CVM Resources 

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Cornell and CVM Resources

External Resources


Cornell and CVM Resources

External Resources

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