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Baker Institute for Animal Health


Opportunities at the Baker Institute

The Baker Institute is a free-standing research unit of Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine and maintains its own campus of laboratories, animal facilities, and support services. We regularly have openings for staff, postdoctoral fellows and associates, visiting scientists, veterinary students, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

Located in the scenic Finger Lakes Region of New York State, Cornell University is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive campus in which to work, study, teach and serve.

Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates

Between 10 and 20 postdoctoral fellows and research associates work at the Baker Institute at a time. Postdoctoral opportunities exist in all laboratories. Applicants should contact potential faculty sponsors directly.

Current opening: Postdoctoral associate position in the lab of Drs. Cohen and Travis

Visiting Scientists

Baker Institute has a long history as a site for short- and long-term sabbatical leaves for scientists from around the globe. The Institute offers a limited range of on-site housing and a pleasant working environment. Contact individual faculty members or the Institute director.

Veterinary Students

There are several opportunities for veterinary students to participate in research externships or summer fellowships at the Baker Institute. If you are interested in a research externship, contact prospective faculty members directly.

Three fellowship programs, the Leadership Program, the Havemeyer Fellowship, and the Veterinary Investigator Program, also offer veterinary students positions at the Baker Institute:

  • The Leadership Program, a ten-week summer program offered through the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, is an intensive, research-oriented learning experience that combines faculty-guided research with career counseling, student-directed learning, and a variety of professional enrichment activities. Each year, the Institute hosts several of the 25 participants that come from veterinary colleges in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Please see the Leadership Program web page for contact and other information. The application deadline is in December of each year.
  • The Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation Fellowship Program provides short-term educational experiences in academic equine medicine for veterinary students. Two fellowships are offered each year in the Equine Genetics Center at the Baker Institute in the laboratories of Dr. Doug Antczak or Dr. Gerlinde Van de Walle. The purpose of the Fellowships is to enable students with an interest in research careers to participate actively in current projects in equine medicine. Please see the Havemeyer Foundation Fellowship Program page for application instructions and information about the 2020 program. Inquiries should be directed to Ms. Sue Williams (607) 256-5601.
  • The Veterinary Investigator Program for Veterinary Scholars at Cornell University (VIP) is a unique summer research experience for veterinary students who seek to broadly influence the veterinary profession through a science-based career. This research oriented program combines faculty-guided research with student-directed learning through participation in modules, workshops, and group discussions. The activities encourage responsible leadership, critical thinking, and the development of teamwork skills. The program also highlights graduate training opportunities calculated to promote the professional development of program alumni as independent scientists and public health professionals.

Graduate Students

Individuals interested in applying for graduate study (M.S., Ph.D., dual DVM-Ph.D.) at the Institute must apply through the Office of Graduate Education, College of Veterinary Medicine and the Graduate School, Cornell University. Most of the Institute's 10-15 graduate students are enrolled in the fields of Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Immunology, or Physiology.


Opportunities for undergraduates include employment in animal care, laboratory maintenance, and laboratory research. Educational opportunities in both independent studies and honors thesis research are available. Interested individuals can contact faculty members directly or send inquiries to the Baker Institute.

Cornell Courses

The Baker Institute faculty participate fully in the tutorial-based curriculum of the College of Veterinary Medicine, and they also teach or co-teach the following undergraduate and graduate courses:

VTMED 6723 - Veterinary Medicine in Developing Nations

VTMED 6735 - Conservation Medicine

VETMI 7000 - The Biology of Animal and Plant Viruses

BIOMS 3150 - Basic Immunology

VTMED 6222 - Canine and Feline Medical Genetics

VETMI 7250 - Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis

BIOMS 4090 - Principles of Virology

Search Cornell’s course descriptions.