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Biobank Process


We identify relevant cases that could provide valuable biological material for future research. Cases are selected based on species, breed, sex, age, and specific physical or medical characteristics of interest. We also include healthy animals that are used as controls in studies.


Before collection, owners are informed of the requirements for participation and any risks associated with the collection of biological samples. The owners then give written consent for the collection, storage, and distribution of biological samples and relevant data.


Immediately after the medical procedures, our Clinical Team technicians carefully collect high-quality blood and tissue samples. These are preserved appropriately to ensure that they are fit for their intended purpose. Samples may also be collected  by external collaborators according to our instructions and shipped to the Cornell Veterinary Biobank.


Participants and their samples are registered into our Biobanking Information Management System, along with medical data such as species, age, and clinical diagnoses. The information is de-indentified to protect the privacy of the owners, and the animals are given unique IDs. Samples are labeled with barcodes and other necessary information to ensure traceability.  


Our Laboratory team meticulously processes the collected samples. After being subjected to rigorous quality control, the samples are annotated with the proper documentation and archived for long term storage in appropriate conditions, such as ultra-low freezers at -80°C (-112°F) or automated liquid nitrogen storage systems at -196°C (-320°F).

Request Evaluation

We welcome withdrawal requests by researchers from academic institutions (both internal to Cornell or external), non-profit organizations, and private industry. Requests must include the quantity, type and specifications of the samples being requested, as well as the aim of the investigation. The request is then evaluated by a Biospecimen Use Committee.  

Request Preparation

Once the request has been approved, the Biobank team withdraws the samples from storage and processes them as needed. Material certificates are also created to provide the researchers with all the pertinent information related to the samples.


Samples are then delivered in person or shipped to the recipient under safe and appropriate conditions.

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