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The Wine Country Circuit Dog Show is an AKC-licensed event and is one of the largest circuits in the country. The show is hosted by three kennel clubs, each holding their all-breed dog shows, obedience, agility and rally trials on consecutive days of the circuit.

The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine has been a proud partner of the Wine Country Circuit Dog Show since 2021. Serving as the show’s official veterinary care provider, we bring together leading canine experts from across our clinical consultation units — including the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, the Cornell Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center (RCHC) and the Duffield Institute for Animal Behavior.

Event details

The 37th Annual Wine Country Circuit Dog Show
Sampson State Park, 6096 Route 96A, Romulus, NY
Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2023

The event is free and open to the public. Spectators are welcome. Enjoy the beauty of Sampson State Park, located in the central Finger Lakes Region of New York, in the heart of wine country.

Hosted by

The Cornell University Hospital for Animals will be providing special examinations exclusively for dogs competing in this year's show, including patella OFA exams from our Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Service, and eye exams from our Ophthalmology Service.

DateTimeClinicLocationClinic Vet
Fri. 9/299 am - 4 pmPatella Exams (Walk-in only) CVM Vet tentKelly McMullin, DVM, CCRP, CVSMT
Fri. 9/299 am - 4 pm*Cornell Canine Genetics lab - sample collectionsCVM info. tentJacquelyn Evans, PhD & Shawna Cook, PhD
Sat. 9/309 am - 4 pmPatella Exams (Walk-in only) CVM Vet tentKelly McMullin, DVM, CCRP, CVSMT
Sat. 9/309 am - 4:30 pmOFA Basic Cardiac auscultation exams (Walk-in only) Park office in recreations areaSydney Moise, DVM, MS
Sat. 9/309 am - 3 pmEye Exams (By appointment with some availability for walk-ins)Park office in recreations areaKelly Knickelbein, VMD, DACVO
Sat. 9/3011:30 amPresentation: "Raising the Bar: Conditioning the Canine Athlete."CVM info. tentKelly McMullin, DVM, CCRP, CVSMT
Sun. 10/19 am - 3 pmEye Exams (By appointment with some availability for walk-ins)Park office in recreations areaKelly Knickelbein, VMD, DACVO

Canine research

*Dr. Jacquelyn Evans and Dr. Shawna Cook will be onsite Friday, Sept. 29 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. representing the Evans Laboratory, the Riney Canine Health Center and the Baker Institute for Animal Health. The Evans Lab will share information throughout the day on its research, specifically its research on chronic superficial keratitis (pannus), gastric (stomach) cancer and gingival enlargement. The Evans Lab will use the opportunity to advance its research and collect cheek swabs throughout the day, giving visitors a chance to aid in the studies.

Representatives from the RCHC and the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine will also be present near the veterinary care tent to answer your questions and offer canine health information. Come say hello! Learn more about last year's event.

Mentor-mentee impact

In 2021, the Wine Country Circuit Dog Show launched a mentoring program for College of Veterinary Medicine veterinary students. Each year, approximately 20 students are paired with breeders, judges and exhibitors from kennel clubs. Inspired by a similar program at Tufts University, these mentorships help familiarize veterinary students with some of the 200 breeds the American Kennel Club recognizes as purebreds, and gives them additional event and dog show experience.

About the Cornell Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center

Our mission is to advance the health and well-being of animals, while also driving the future of canine-focused research. By investing in innovative solutions to cancer biology, infectious diseases, genetics and other challenges faced by dog owners and veterinary care providers, we are helping dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives. 

As part of our goal to engage with dog owners and enthusiasts, the RCHC aims to make scientists more accessible, research more relatable and innovations more actionable. We invite you to learn more about our programs and services, and we encourage you to share ideas for future opportunities to develop and participate in clinical trials or potential citizen scientist initiatives. Please direct your feedback to

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