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Work Experience

Practical work experience is just as important during and after classroom instruction as before it. These opportunities allow students to hone skills under the supervision of seasoned professionals.

Externships and Opportunity Blocks


Externships are brief (usually 2-4 weeks) work opportunities away from the College for which credit is not given. Students seeking special work experiences may do so through externships. Private and corporate practice, humane societies, governmental agencies, and pharmaceutical/pet food companies offer externships. Compensation may or may not be offered.

Externship Opportunities

Biomedical Research

Business Management     

Corporate Veterinary Careers



Food Animal

Government/ Public Policy and Public Health Sites


Laboratory Animal Veterinary Careers

Large Animal Resources




Wildlife, zoological and exotic resources

Additional Resources:

Opportunity Blocks

Students in their sixth, seventh and eighth semesters may obtain off-campus clinical experience for credit in institutional setting with established teaching programs, or in facilities offering unique clinical or research experiences. Proposed programs must be approved by the faculty coordinators of the block who will then determine appropriate university credits. Lists of approved opportunity blocks are available at


Internships are non-degree programs that provide training for practice, clinical teaching, and specialty-board eligibility. Generally, a one-year rotating internship in medicine and surgery is prerequisite for residency programs and for board certification. A directory of available internships is published by the AAVC each year (available in mid-September and accessible online).