Career Development Services

Our students have access to a wealth of resources and support services that help create a pleasant, positive and productive experience.

College Support Services

Faculty Advisors

All our incoming DVM students are assigned faculty advisors. Newly matriculated students will meet their faculty advisors during orientation. This brief meeting is meant to be a building of a relationship. The faculty advisor's role is to serve as a source of support and guidance for their students.

Peer Mentorsstudent discusses a case with a doctor

The goal of Peer Mentoring is to help incoming first year DVM students make a smooth transition and adjust to life as a student at the college. Peer mentors are second or third year DVM students and are invaluable resources as they can offer advice based on their personal experience at the college.

Peer Mentors are assigned to all first year DVM students. Incoming students are typically contacted by their peer mentors during the summer before they are scheduled to enter the DVM program.

Student Disability Services

It is our intention to provide reasonable accommodations for students with qualifying disabilities who are admitted to the DVM program. The accommodations apply to classroom and examination situations and activities based in the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

Students who believe they are entitled to an accommodation should contact the Director of Student and Academic Services and Multicultural Affairs. In order to make decisions based upon an individual's specific situation, it may take some to determine what is appropriate and fair given the nature of the disability as well as the requirements of veterinary education. When possible, a student should initiate the process in the summer before his/her matriculation, or, if later, as soon as the disability arises.

While your prior history is relevant for determining reasonable accommodations, you should realize that we might not grant the same accommodations that you have received in the past. Your request for accommodations will be carefully reviewed according to what is reasonable and appropriate given the nature of your disability and the essential components of your academic program. The final authority regarding accommodations rests with the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine.A panoramic of campus during an autumn sunset (with full moon rising) from the west hill.

Counseling Services

Totally confidential counseling services are available at the college to all DVM students. All services are free. The counseling office which is located within the Office of Student and Academic Services is staffed on Tuesdays.

Diverse approaches to personal problem resolution, including short-term psychotherapy, crisis intervention, stress management training, and academic counseling are used. Long-term therapy and psychotherapy can be arranged for those in need of these services. DVM students can also avail themselves of mental health services offered by University Health Services.


Whether helping students create an individualized career plan or prepare to successfully compete for the professional path of their choice, the Office of Student and Academic Services is an active partner in students career development. The office maintains placement and professional development resources for students.