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Image from 2019-20 Veterinary Curriculum Enhancement Grant: Introduction to Clinical Dermatology Video Series and Case Completion Workshop

About the Grant

The Curriculum Enhancement Grants, offered via the Educational Support Services (ESS) unit in collaboration with the City University of Hong Kong, seek to support faculty in their efforts to improve CVM curricula. The past year has produced some wonderful educational innovations and adaptations. This grant hopes to continue the momentum by allowing faculty to develop new resources, expand existing projects, or experiment with new instructional approaches, all with an aim of improving the student learning experience. We understand that this has been a year filled with many challenges and we are here to help you with whatever course challenges you are currently facing.  Small-scale projects can have a significant impact on student learning.

We are moving this grant to a rolling submission process whereby every month the Educational Support Services team and curriculum administration will review applications and accept a mixture of projects that optimizes curricular impact and leverages the skills of the ESS team. We anticipate that this will allow us to help you move from idea to implementation more efficiently.

Successful applicants will receive access to instructional design and project development services provided by the Educational Support Services team within the College of Veterinary Medicine. The ESS team provides services in medical illustration and animation, videography, instructional design, assessment development, online module creation, and custom software development. There is no budget requirement to apply for this grant, nor are funds transferred to successful applicants.

This grant is a continuation of program started in 2018 under the title Educational Technology Innovation Grants and continued in 2019-20 as the Veterinary Curriculum Enhancement Grants.

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Support for this grant is made possible by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Office of the Dean and the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences program at City University.


Faculty members who teach in the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine or the City University Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences are eligible to apply.

Animation from 2018 ETIG: Interactive Animation to Teach Immunology in Foundation Course IV

Focus Areas

The Educational Support Services team seeks faculty collaborators to create teaching and learning resources which address foundational knowledge and clinical and professional skills, especially those commonly associated with student misconceptions.  We also seek projects that would help to modernize existing resources with an eye towards accessibility and universal design principles. 

Some examples of targeted project categories are provided below. If your idea does not fit within one of these categories, you are still encouraged to apply.

  • Procedure Illustrations or Animations
  • Skills or Procedure Videos
  • Formative Assessment Creation (i.e. practice assessments for learning)
  • Online Modules/Pre-learning for Active Learning Sessions or Lectures
  • Competency-Based Curricular Intersections – resources founded on the competency framework that would benefit more than one course or audience.
  • Development of a team formation software and corresponding research on group dynamics/success

How to Apply

  • Please use this webform to add your project to our rolling application pool. 
  • Applicants will be notified by the 15th of the month after they are submitted of their project acceptance status.
  • Questions about the grant program or application process may be directed to Andrea Beukema at

Proposals Must Address the Following

  • Faculty Lead
  • Collaborators
  • Audiences/courses that will benefit:
  • Description of Project
  • Need: Why is your learning resource/activity necessary and how will it benefit students?
  • Competency: Which program competencies (DVM or MPH) does your project support?
  • Outcomes/Impact: How will you assess the learning impact of your project?
  • When would you ideally use this resource (semester, or specific date)?
  • How much of your time would you like to commit to this project?

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