Educational Support Services

Services & Team

ESS offers a variety of services to help you accomplish your educational goals. We strive to strengthen the relationship between teachers and learners and foster creative collaborations.

If you have an idea for a project, or questions about an existing resource please contact us (

Educational Media Production

Our production team collaborates with faculty and staff to create effective and engaging resources. We are able to produce

  • Educational Videos
  • Medical illustrations
  • Custom Animations
  • Photographs

Instructional Support

We provide instructional design and technical support for CVM-supported teaching and learning platforms. For in-depth how-to tutorials please visit our knowledge base. (

  • Canvas LMS (for CVM faculty and staff)
  • Synap (eTest replacement)
  • Panopto ( for lecture-hall and pre-recorded videos)
  • Module building platforms including H5P and Articulate Rise

Software Application Development

  • OSCE/Clinical Grader
  • Instructor/Course Evaluations
  • Custom Teaching Modules

Teaching Facilities Support

  • A/V Classroom and Lab Support
  • Lecture Capture
  • Web Conferencing
  • Audience Polling Technology
  • Wireless Screen Projection
  • AV Purchase Consultation and Installation

Continuing Education

Our team is available to assist with

  • Event planning and implementation
  • Course and resource development for external audiences
  • RACE accreditation questions

Our Team

Dr. Jodi Korich
Associate Dean for Education

Phone: 607.253.3603


In her role as the Associate Dean for Education, Dr. Korich oversees curricular design, delivery, and monitoring for the College. Working in collaboration with the entire Educational Support Services team, her goal is to ensure that all faculty have the support and resources needed to meet their instructional goals. Her professional interests include technology-enhanced teaching, adaptive learning, curriculum design, and organizational management. In her spare time, Jodi enjoys spending time hiking and planning/tending her flower garden.

Andrea BeukemaAndrea Beukema
Director of Educational Support Services

Phone: 607.253.3434


In her role as Director of ESS, Andrea leads a team that creates educational media, events, and experiences. She understands the transformative nature of the experiences the ESS team creates and works to enable audiences both within and beyond the Cornell CVM to benefit from the team's expertise. Collaborating broadly, she ensures that our products draw on current research-based teaching and learning methods. Her professional interests include instructional media production, online learning, and the use of narrative.

Allison Buck
Medical Illustrator

Phone: 607.253.3079


In her role as Medical Illustrator and Animator, Allie assists faculty in maximizing the educational potential of medical and scientific material through visual art and storytelling.  Her professional interests include the educational applications of immersive technology, photogrammetry and 3D authoring, and educational game design.  In her spare time, Allie enjoys kayaking, traveling and long walks with her dogs.

Katelyn Carney
Veterinary Education Consultant

Phone: 607.253.3719


Dr. Carney is the Program Chair for the New York State Veterinary Conference and leads the Veterinary Technician Professional Speaking Development program. Her professional interests include academic coaching, applying the science of learning to graduate and continuing education, faculty and staff professional development, and individual and community wellbeing. She is currently completing a Masters of Arts in Education with a concentration in Trauma and Resilience in Educational Environments as well as a Restorative Justice in Education certificate. She is a certified Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi instructor under Dr. Peter Wayne, author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing Kung Fu and Tai Chi, as well as playing around with her ukulele, chickens, two children and husband.

Robert Cortez-Rodriguez
Classroom & Events

A/V Support Specialist

Phone: 607.253.4255


In his role as Classroom & Events AV Support Specialist, 
Robert provides frontline support to the College of Veterinary Medicine teaching and meeting spaces, ensures that all audio visual and presentation systems are running smoothly, and provides troubleshooting. His professional interests are learning and the implementation new technology. In his spare time, Robert enjoys traveling, visiting theme parks, and going on new adventures with his wife.

Dave Frank
Instructional Technologist

Phone: 607.253.3696


In his role as Instructional Technologist, Dave helps to facilitate learning through Audio-Visual technologies in the classroom.  His professional interests include working with faculty members to apply and adapt technologies to meet their specific instructional needs and preferences.  In his spare time, Dave enjoys working on his dairy farm and taking walks in the woods.   

Carol Jennings
Multimedia Producer

Phone: 607.253.4460


In her role as multimedia producer, Carol creates media content to empower learners and to support the mission of the college.  Her goal is to design, produce, and direct high-quality, effective, engaging and innovative media content.  Her professional interests include exploring new media approaches that enhance the traditional arts of directing, cinematography and visual storytelling.  She enjoys collaborating with faculty, students, and colleagues in developing media that serves society and our community.

Vanessa Maley
Event and Operations Coordinator

Phone: 607.253.3200


In her role as Event and Operations Coordinator, Vanessa plans and manages conferences and events held by the Continuing Education (CE) office at the College of Veterinary Medicine. She also helps manage internal curriculum enhancement grant and educational media production projects. Her professional interests include staying updated on event management and learning new ways to stay organized. In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her family and bulldog.

Mary McKellar

DVM Curriculum Manager and Instructional Designer 

Phone: 607.253.3200


In her role as Manager of DVM Curriculum and Instructional Designer, Mary works in collaboration with the ESS team, course leaders and design groups, CVM administration, and faculty to create dynamic evidence-based learning experiences. Her professional interests include active learning and accessible course design, including universal design for learning. In her spare time, Mary enjoys foraging for mushrooms, swimming, learning to play the piano, and spending time with her family.

Nahla Minges
Event Manager

Phone: 607.253.3201


In her role as Event Manager, Nahla plans and manages conferences and events held by the Continuing Education (CE) office at the College of Veterinary Medicine.  She builds websites, creates invitations, and assists in planning fun and educational events designed to enhance the college’s mission. In her spare time, Nahla enjoys acrylic painting and spending time with her husband and son.

Alejandra SeaderAlejandra Seader
Multimedia Producer

Phone: 516.987.8558


In her role as Multimedia Producer, Alejandra creates high quality multimedia content to help students better visualize and understand complex materials in Veterinary Medicine. Her professional interests include collaborating with faculty members to create engaging and effective video and multimedia content to enhance the online educational resources for their students. Alejandra is also interested in helping faculty members explore the many benefits of teaching with graphic enhanced materials like infographics.

Katelynn Wagner
Instructional Technologist

Phone: 607.269.6766


In her role as Instructional Technologist, Katelynn works to support technology in the classroom. She leads software trainings and provides classroom support, Canvas support, and instructional technology to faculty members. Her professional interests include staying updated on all the latest educational technology and applications. In her spare time, Katelynn enjoys teaching yoga, running ultra-marathons, and skiing.