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AQUAVET® Equipment and Tools

Clipart of lab itemsIn addition to the usual classroom supplies, such as notebooks, students in AQUAVET® must provide their own basic dissecting and postmortem instruments and regular laboratory coats. Those who are selected as AQUAVET® Summer Research Fellows should discuss in advance the availability of any specialized equipment that will be needed. Students who wish to save specimens encountered during the course must bring their own containers. We are trying to have less printed materials and more electronic notes, so students are strongly encouraged to bring their laptop computers.

Clothing should be comfortable and serviceable, capable of meeting the demands of diverse weather conditions and the varied terrain encountered on field trips. Soft-soled shoes are a must. Late May and even early June in Bristol, RI can be cold and rainy so bringing foul-weather gear and waterproof boots (essential for some field trips, as well), is recommended. Days can also be hot, particularly toward the middle of June, and the sun can be punishing, so dark glasses and head coverings may be desirable.