Clinic Memorial Giving Program

The Clinic Memorial Giving Program sends, on your behalf, a compassionate message to your clients who have recently lost their pets. In response to making a tax-deductible donation of any amount, the College of Veterinary Medicine will mail a condolence letter to your client(s) to the address you provide, notifying them that a donation was made in memory of their pet. Your clinic’s donation may benefit educational and research initiatives at the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Baker Institute for Animal Health, or the Feline Health Center.

man kneeling down and looking in to his dog

College of Veterinary Medicine Memorial Donations

Gifts to the College support every aspect of the educational experience of our veterinary students, ground-breaking discovery that benefits animals as well as people, and exceptional care in our hospitals.

dog running in an open field

Baker Institute Memorial Donations

Gifts to the Baker Institute support efforts being made in improving canine and companion animal health through studies of infectious diseases, cancer, reproductive disorders, and other fields that benefit and inspire discoveries in research linked to human health

black and white cat sitting in a chair

Feline Health Center Memorial Donations

Gifts to the Cornell Feline Health Center support the health and well-being of all cats through funding research on cat diseases and by distributing cat health information to vets and cat owners.