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New York State Impact

As the state’s land-grant university, Cornell was founded to create knowledge with a public purpose and help ensure a vibrant, healthy future for all New Yorkers. The College of Veterinary Medicine upholds this mission through helping New York animals, people, and communities in many ways.



From dairy farmers, to hunters, to pet owners, CVM adds value to New York State communities of all kinds. See how how our services help enrich and improve the health of animals and people from Buffalo to Brooklyn.

The Animal Health Diagnostic Center

This accredited diagnostic lab  provides effective surveillance and early disease detection for the State of New York.

New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program

An integrated disease prevention program in which a team of advisors to develop  farm-specific herd health plans.

Quality Milk Production Services

QMPS serves New York's dairy industry through the control of mastitis and reduction of antibiotic residues in milk through diagnostics and recommendations.

Cornell Wildlife Health Lab

Promotes  the health and long term sustainability of wildlife populations through integration of wildlife ecology and veterinary medicine. 

Master of Public Health

Cornell's MPH program uses a systems-based approach to promoting equitable and sustainable wellbeing of people in New York state.

Ambulatory& Production Medicine Clinic

The Ambulatory Clinic serves farms within an approximate 25 mile radius of Cornell.

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